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Vancouver, BC Book Clubbers (#FYAVBC), Assemble!

Because every team of superheroes -YAngelists should have an origin story!

Vancouver, BC Book Clubbers (#FYAVBC), Assemble!

Photo credit: Trevor May

Welcome to beautiful Vancouver, BC -- home of #YASummerShowdown participants, the Vancouver, BC FYA Book Club! Today, Amy and Caitlin are here to regale us with how their book clubbers all first met each other. Take it away, ladies!


We were drinking and eating when I wrote this so it mostly turned out to be about drinking and eating... 

We are the Vancouver FYA Book Club and we are awesome. We like food and alcohol as much as we like books, and we really, really like books. We originally bonded over the adding of pulled pork to seemingly mundane dishes and our enjoyment of saying, "we'll take one of everything," for dessert at restaurants. We've craft nights and gone to beer themed murder mysteries. We like to go to movies based on YA books and drink champagne in the theatres. Mostly we love books and reading and spending time together having fun. And discovering new local breweries. And maybe adding ice cream to their beer.

Our beer-themed murder mystery hunt.


Our club started with me and Alita meeting one night downtown to talk about Beauty Queens. We were both followers of the site and took a risk to meet a stranger to talk about stranded beauty pageants contestants.

Alita (Alita Reads) and Caitlin (whatchYAreading) casually knew each other from local book blogging things, and Alita ended up borrowing a lot of books from Caitlin for book club. This made Caitlin curious what Alita was needing all of these awesome books for so Caitlin joined the club.

Fellow blogger Natalie V was going to attend the local appearance of John and Hank Green. Caitlin had gone to the one in Seattle with Alita, but she heard the programs were different at each event. So never having met each other beyond exchanging a few tweets, Caitlin asked Natalie to get her a copy of the program, and then attend a book club meeting to exchange it!

A few months later, we got together to watch the BBC Pride & Prejudice, and Kate, who had found us on Facebook, came out too. The rest of our core is made up of Teresa and Natalie L, who were my coworkers. I bragged about my awesome book club so much at work, they just had to join.

A group shot from when we did Color Me Rad in October.

We have a few other members who may live further away and come less frequently, or who have just discovered us and who I think will quickly become part of the core. But every month, we get together and have some of the best times I've ever had in this city, proving false the reputation that Vancouver is unfriendly and somewhere that's hard to make friends (seriously). Three years ago we didn't know each other. Now we're going on trips to Seattle for book signings and making cakes for each other's weddings (well, that's only happened once so far).

My dad said to me AT THE WEDDING RECEPTION how great it was to see the different groups I've got in my life and specifically mentioned book club.

At first it felt weird meeting these strangers from the internet, but every month we get together to talk about books and do strange things with our food like add pulled pork to pop corn, or ice cream to beer, and I'm very happy we all took the risk to meet each other and become friends.

Thanks for stopping by, Vancouver, BC FYABC! You can find them on Facebook, or just show up at their next meeting! And follow their #YASummerShowdown progress on the #FYAVBC Tumblr!

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