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MOCKINGJAY Official Teaser Trailer

It really is SUCH a tease.

MOCKINGJAY Official Teaser Trailer

Not to get all old lady on everyone, but can we just stop with the teaser trailers? In the good old days, a studio would release a real g-d trailer, and we would see more than one second of a scene, and EVERYONE WAS HAPPY. Now we have to deal with these stingy teasers that basically do nothing except IRRITATE ME. GET OFF MY LAWN, LIONSGATE.

At any rate, here's the freaking teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1:

There's not enough to truly analyze, but here's a few thoughts:

I have the feeling that Julianne Moore is going to make a certain scene in Part 2 VERY satisfying.

HELL YES. Love seeing Natalie Dormer get to be even more of a badass than she already is on Game of Thrones.


And the world just had a collective sad.

Uh, teaser, stop trying so hard. You'll hurt yourself.

So, tributes, what are your thoughts? Will the fillm adaptation improve upon the book? (God, I hope so.) Let's convo!

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