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#ATXFYA, How Do We Love Thee?

Let members of the Austin FYA Book Club count the ways!

#ATXFYA, How Do We Love Thee?

Photo credit: Peter Talke

Welcome to beautiful Austin -- home of #YASummerShowdown participants, the ATX FYA Book Club! Joelene and Kristin are here today to tell us why they love their book club so much. Take it away, ladies!

Here are our top 5 reasons to love being a member of the ATX FYA Book Club.

5. Amazing events. Here are just a few of the things we have done.


Dauntless initiation with THEO JAMES!!!!


Texas Book Festival


Forever Fest


TFIOS movie sneak peek

ATX Television Festival

4. We get the opportunity to hobnob with YA royalty.


Megan McCafferty and the Fug Girls

Maggie Stiefvater

Margaret Stohl and Laini Taylor              

Josh Boone and John Green

3. There are always fellow book/movie/TV nerds to attend all your dream events with.


2. We have some amazingly talented and interesting people lurking in our midsts.

One of our members, Emily G. (far right in the previous photo), is the co-founder of the awesome, amazing, astounding ATX Television Festival! Many of us were able to go and hijinks definitely ensued. Some of us met some tv celebs, all of us had some cocktails and saw some childhood tv reunions with the stars of the shows, we spotted some questionable movie star clothing choices, watched an episode of Friday Night Lights under the stars with the stars, and overall had a fantastic weekend.

Mandy C., in addition to being an FYA writer, designs FYA gear and shirts, including the latest book club selection tie in.


Erica G. makes custom shirts and accessories for fun events, including Rex Manning Day and Proud Marshmallow T-shirts and these great champ can koozies:

Lindsay D. (third from the left) is an Emmy award winning television producer:

Holly G. is a young adult author. Karen L. teaches classes at the University of Texas. Faye H. is a brilliant knitter. Heather C. is a landscape architect.  Lisa W. is an all around crafty girl and fitness inspiration. Melissa G. owns a swanky salon. We have stay at home moms, teachers, baristas, bartenders, attorneys, accountants and ladies who perform a variety of other day jobs with an abundance of poise and panache. We even have a dude! (I was going to say male member, but male member *giggle*)

1.    And the number one reason we love #ATXFYA? These ladies.

Kristin H. puts it best:

When I moved to Austin in the summer of 2011, the only friend I had was my husband, or fiancé at the time. He’s a fantastic friend, my best friend. But I was really in need of some lady friends.  I was reading some YA and I had found this awesome website called FYA!! I frequented the site a few times a week for maybe 3 or 4 months before I realized - AH! They have a book club! And they’re local! It took me another 2 months before I gathered up enough courage to email for information on a meeting. I had read the book, I was ready. Of course, I chose to attend the one meeting that was going to be held at someone’s house and not in a public place: the Christmas book exchange. To make a long story short, the ladies of the FYA-ATX were incredibly kind, funny, and welcoming. I drank some wine, exchanged some books, and made plans to hang out with some awesome chicks. The past three years have been eventful, to say the least.

And, sometimes, we get treated to a priceless gem like this face:

Or these text exchanges:

FYA Book Clubbers are just good people, whether in the ATX or across the world.

AGREED, ATX FYABC. And thanks for stopping by! You can find them on Facebook, or just show up at their next meeting! And follow their #YASummerShowdown progress on the #ATXFYATumblr!

Want to join an FYA Book Club? We've got locations worldwide! Don't have one near you? Grab a cocktail, send us an email, and start one today!