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Cover Story: The Graveyard Book Thief

In this Austin FYABC Cover Story, two loveable orphans team up to defeat the Nazi regime.

Cover Story: The Graveyard Book Thief

Welcome back to Cover Story, a feature in which plots are imagined based solely on the cover -- with a #YASummerShowdown mashup twist!

The Graveyard Book Thief: A Cover Story by the Austin FYA Book Club (#ATXFYA)

It's 1939. Jack, a Nazi, has murdered the family members of two different children: Liesel, a 12-year-old girl, and Bod, an 18-month-old infant boy. The children flee to a graveyard, where they are adopted by ghosts and tutored by vampires and werewolves. As they grow, the children come to realize that they can help defeat the Nazis. Nightly, they leave the graveyard and venture into Munich on a secret mission: to find one, magic book—The Graveyard Book—that will help them overthrow Hitler. Their search continues until they realize that The Graveyard Book may just reside within them ...

Liesel + Bod = AMAZING SUPERTEAM. Thanks for stopping by, ATX FYABC! You can find them on Facebook, or just show up at their next meeting! And look back on their #YASummerShowdown adventures on the #ATXFYATumblr!

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