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TV Preview: Forever

Emily and Mandy C. check out the first episode of Forever. SPOILER ALERT: Ioan Gruffudd dies. Frequently.

TV Preview: Forever

Welcome back to our TV Preview series! Over the next couple of months, we’ll be taking a look at the shows we highlighted in our TV Preview: New Friends posts, and voicing our opinions on what’s good, what’s bad, what’s meh, and what you can avoid at all costs.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead.


Premiered: Sept. 22 on ABC (Watch online.)

Twitter Pitch

Not all immortals spend their lifetimes stalking moody teenagers. Yes, I’m looking at you, Edward. #notacullen #notreedrichardseithersadly

Familiar Faces

Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan

Judd Hirsch as Abe

Alana De La Garza as Detective Jo Martinez

Donnie Keshawarz as Det. Hanson

Barbara Eve Harris as Lt. Roark

Joel David Moore as Lucas

Lee Tergesen as Hans Koehler

Faces That Might Become Familiar (If You Keep Watching)

Mackenzie Mauzy as Abigail Morgan

Redeeming Qualities

Emily: I'm pretty captivated by the premise of finding the difference between just living and actually being alive. I think Ioan Gruffudd is adorable in this (and I usually don't care for him) and that he could be a pretty strong leading man. His relationship with Judd Hirsch also hooked me, and I loved the twist at the end that Henry raised Abe. Didn't see it coming!

Mandy: To be quite honest, the show didn’t really strike much of a chord with me until the very end. Knowing that Henry’s been taking care of Abe since he was a baby really drives home the fact that Henry has seen a lot of loved ones come and go, and it made the plot of the show all that much more impactful. I also really enjoy Joel David Moore, even if he does pretty much always play the same character.

It's Not Me, It's You

Emily: I already have Sleepy Hollow and Elementary. I'm not really sure my DVR can handle another awkward genius man and stoic put together (with a dark past) straight woman procedural. While I like Alana De La Garza just fine, I thought the character of Jo Martinez was pretty dull, which all could be because she hasn't quite shaken her Law & Order roots.

Mandy: Like I said above, nothing was really drawing me into the show until the end. Henry’s fun to listen to, but I’m not that intrigued to know why he is the way he is, which is probably not what they were going for. The chemistry between he and the Detective isn’t that great, either. I mean, not every procedural needs sexual chemistry between the two leads, but I need a little something to want to keep watching.

Let's Do This Again

Emily: I enjoyed the pilot. I thought it was sweet, and I like that Henry doesn't know why he keeps coming back to life coupled with the revelation that there's someone out there like him...with completely different intentions. My problem is I didn't care at all about the mystery and don't see that changing week-to-week. I'm going to keep recording episodes (because I did like it), but it'll be at the low end of the DVR priority list, so there's a good chance they might be deleted before I get to them. However, I think if procedurals are your "thing" this one has good potential.

Mandy: The show’s second episode also aired this week, and I gave it a watch, too. I’m not bumping this to a series record order on our DVR, but I think I might check in on it every now and then. I’m hoping for a really intriguing reason for why Henry is the way he is.

Did you watch Forever? If so, let us know your thoughts below!

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