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PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK 1x03: Wallace Puts The Wallace In Marsellus Wallace

Percy Daggs goes PULP FICTION and Enrico Colantoni goes BOYZ N THE HOOD in the best ep yet. 

PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK 1x03: Wallace Puts The Wallace In Marsellus Wallace

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My two favorite characters from Veronica Mars (besides Veronica herself, obviously) will always be Keith and Wallace, so the third episode of the spinoff web-series Play It Again, Dick feels uniquely suited to my interests. Ryan Hansen manages to wrangle both Enrico Colantoni (Keith) and Percy Daggs III (Wallace) into his ever-growing cast list, but not without some substantial difficulties. 

First, Enrico! I loooved his portrayal as a dirty old badass. We learn that he's shredded, he will not suffer a lesser actor standing in his light and during the production of Veronica Mars, he often took off to cockfights and bullfights after midnight and arrived well after call time drenched in blood. LOVING THIS. He promises, via Skype, to participate in the spin-off, but only if Ryan does a small favor for him. A small favor involving a package, Tom Hanks' bed, not a stitch of red OR blue clothing and the words "EC knows where you live." Also, no big deal, but he's currently in exile in Toronto due to a small taxable income issue, so they'll have to film his scenes in Canada. He's super cooperative!

Believe it or not, Percy's scenes are even better. He's styled exactly like Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction, and he does a damn fine impersonation of the big man, too. He coolly demands recompensation for his gas expenditures for this meeting and then leaves a rando skeaze in Ryan's bathroom. "She's your problem now." I LOVE YOU, WALLACE. 

A reminder of our drinking game rules:

Drink Once every time:

Dick dances.

Dick does a backflip.

Dick or Logan is shirtless.

The name "Dick" is used in a way that could also mean penis.

Drink Twice every time:

Someone says "Veronica Mars."

This week we get 10 drinks - not bad for a 9-minute episode, but far fewer than last week's 28 sips. 

And this week's most meta moment: 

Percy gets right up in Ryan's face to say, "One more thing: don't even think about putting me on the call sheet if you're gonna have Wallace Fennel doing any of that pussy shit. No model airplane flying, no getting duct-taped to flag poles, no magical Negro bullshit, you got it? SAY IT." Ryan meekly repeats, "No magical Negro bullshit." And they've got themselves a deal!

Join us again next Wednesday for the next installment of this epic saga! 

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