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The Originals 2x1: Rebirth

If we were British, we might get away with saying that this episode was a bloody work of art.

The Originals 2x1: Rebirth

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Welcome back! I have missed you and your comments, dear readers, and have been eagerly awaiting this new season.  (In fact, when Mandy W. came to visit me this past weekend, we did a considerable amount of “refreshing our recollection” as to what the male cast members looked like, sans shirt.) This season I’m adding in an Elegant Uncle Elijah’s Ruined Suit Count, and I strongly urge you to pour some bourbon out down your throat every time another wardrobe tragedy occurs.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

We’re gearing up for a touching Original family reunion! Mikael’s listening to ancient Icelandic folk music at Davina’s place, Esther and Finn have inhabited the body of two random witches, and even Kol is back. But before we get to that, we need to check in on everyone.

Rebekah and Hope are still hiding out. Klaus and Elijah are trying to sell their grief by laying low, shutting down the compound, and not making any moves. (Klaus tries to paint, but alas, there is no red in the art world like that of the blood of one’s enemies.)

Hayley is dealing with her grief – and new hybrid status – by spending a lot of time in the bayou as a wolf. Klaus assumes that Elijah will be there to help her through her loss, but Elijah notes that she prefers to fight her demons alone. She rips Elijah a new one when he starts to clean out the baby’s room, and he promises her vengeance upon Francesca.

Marcel is also not making any big moves, except those which he makes upon Human Cardboard Cutout Cami. (I know Cami is supposed to be the human moral center of the show, but if that’s what humanity represents, sign me up to be a creature of the night. Some things will never change.) He, with the help of Josh, is trying to recruit humans for a new vampire army – but otherwise lying low.

Until Klaus realizes that he’s been thinking about this entirely the wrong way. If the Guerreras had the white oak stake (the only thing that can kill the Original vampires), they would have made a move by now. So when Elijah reports that he has located the last of the 12 rings linked to Klaus’ life force (the setting is “gauche, like the ones who wear them”), Klaus recruits Cami, Marcel, and Hayley to help take out the Guerrera werewolves.

Each ring they recapture restores more of Klaus’ power, until he’s able to cheerfully start painting with his enemies’ blood. How I have missed that diabolical grin of his.

When the dust settles, everyone is examining their consciences.

Although Hayley is the one to rip Francesca apart, finally exacting her revenge, it doesn’t satisfy her or assuage her pain. Elijah tells her that it will take awhile before she masters her newly intense feelings, but she insists that she doesn’t want to live that way.

Klaus is lamenting that if he had simply accepted Hayley’s pregnancy instead of trying to conquer New Orleans, he would be in a better place – with his daughter. He comforts Hayley, basically telling her that they can take down their enemies together, as a family, and make a safe world for their daughter. Maturity! It’s the sexy new look for Fall 2014.

Finally, Cami breaks up her friends-with-benefits relationship with Marcel, claiming she wants to get away from the supernatural madness – but that plan is short lived, as her new supervisor for her residency is none other than Finn, reborn into a body named “Vincent.” Oh, and Kol is back, too – calling himself Kaleb, and flirting with Davina in a seriously sexy accent. Little Pixie Witch Esther smiles and exhorts her sons to get to work. They have a family reunion to plan.

The Original Mythology

- Remember, there are 12 rings that were helping sap Klaus’ power during every full moon. By drawing on his life force, the wolves who wore them were not obligated to change.

- Before Davina can unleash Mikael to kill Klaus, she has to unlink her friends from Klaus’ sire line, or they will die with him.

The Original Body Count

- See ya, Guerrera werewolves.

- RIP Joe the Music Selling Vampire – we think.

- Hayley took out 9 wolves alone, including Francesca – but let Oliver go. His glorious biceps will live to see another day.

The Original Elegant Uncle Elijah Ruined Suit Count: 1

- Even elegantly ripping appendages from werewolves still gets blood all over the place. Suit one of season two is done for.

The Original WTF

- What the heck did Rebekah put next to poor Baby Hope’s head? Admittedly, my eyesight isn’t the greatest, but it looked like something from the wrong side of a diaper.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award For Tortured Hot People

The just and kind gods of The Originals heard our prayers and delivered unto us a Marcel most shirtless. Twice.  But today the award goes to Elijah, newest head of the New Orleans Historical Society, using the doctrine of eminent domain to take away the Guerrera’s invitation-only home protection. Between that and the mention of Alcatraz, it is as though the writers were speaking directly to me. Elijah Mikaelson, the sexiest legal bureaucrat and lover of history. Swoon.

Next episode: Mikael and company come out to play.

So, what did you think? Are you glad the show is back? Was there enough shirtless Marcel? Do you think Hayley and Elijah still have feelings for each other, or has grief taken its toll on that relationship?

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