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The Vampire Diaries 6x2: Yellow Ledbetter

Disappointing Matt Donovan only gets you a lecture. Disappointing Enzo gets you a fork in the hand in front of your new girlfriend.

The Vampire Diaries 6x2: Yellow Ledbetter

Previously on The Vampire Diaries  - Elena is a junkie for the magical herbs that Luke was supplying her with to hallucinate Damon, Stefan has long since given up looking for Damon, Elena asked Alaric to compel her to forget Damon, Tyler is back to being a rage-filled wanker, and Damon and Bonnie have Otherworldly Pancakes.

Caroline Forbes is not going to let a little thing like constant defeat stop her from trying to bring back Bonnie and Damon. Alaric finally spills it that he has Enzo (ENZO!) doing Sexy Intel to try and get coven info from witches and so we are treated to a glorious Caroline/Enzo ROAD TRIP. Stefan learns just how much you DON’T want to be on the receiving end of Caroline’s Withering Stare™ and we’re treated to an awkward dinner table scene (I LOVE awkward dinner table scenes) full of loaded statements and tense moments that pinnacles with Enzo stabbing Stefan in the hand with a fork. LOVE IT.

Flashback to four months ago when Damon and Bonnie are whooshed away to The Other Side. Turns out that they are living in Mystic Falls, specifically on May 10, 1994 which just so happens to be the day of the eclipse. I’m sure there are Important Things I should be remembering here that are eclipse-related. They soon realize that they are repeating this day, over and over, Groundhog Day-style. Every day is full of Damon drinking large amounts of alcohol while making pancakes and listening to early 90’s music on COMPACT DISC. Bonnie can’t complete the daily crossword puzzle. They gripe and snip at each other and I really hope that they figure out a way home soon or else one of them is going to find themselves at the other end of a cast-iron skillet.

Jeremy is still drunk, annoying and full of self-pity. He continues to disappoint Matt since now he’s letting Sarah crash at the house until she finds her dad. Apparently her dad lives in Mystic Falls? And according to Tripp, Leader of the Community Protection Squad she was driving a stolen car? MATT DONOVAN DOES NOT APPROVE.

Alaric works with Elena to remove all of her Damon memories. It’s so heartbreaking to watch; their first meeting on the side of the road and then when Damon stepped in for an absent Stefan at Elena’s debutante ball. SWOON. Alaric is looking for the Signature Moment, the first time Elena realized she was in love with Damon. Later on the phone Caroline is all, “Duh, she’s in total denial that she fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan” and of course Stefan overhears. Gah. Elena feels terrible about this inconvenient truth and Alaric remains THE BEST as he assures her she has nothing to feel guilty about. They work to remove this memory and now all Damon is to her is “Stefan’s brother. He was a monster. And he died.” A bit harsh considering we have ALL wanted to snap Jeremy’s neck at one time or another.


-Is Stefan’s new lady friend Ivy dense or does she really think that an auto mechanic could afford to buy a sprawling plantation house in Savannah?

- “I don’t want to stop loving him.” How many tears did you shed as Elena packed up all of her Damon momentos? She will never again remember all the amazing sex she had with him. TRAGEDY.

- Sexy Covert Ops with Enzo - potential web series?

- Were the Damon and Elena flashbacks actual footage from the show? Damon looked a lot older than he actually did in season one. Maybe they don’t want to remind us of that fact, haha.

- Stefan in the Kitchen is the hottest Stefan, or is that just me?

- I’m pretty sure the look that Caroline gives Stefan when she and Enzo found him could have STOPPED. TIME.

Totally justified. Times TEN.

- Awkward dinner table scene! “He used to be my best friend.” TELL IT, CAROLINE. “You can’t just STOP being a Neck Person.” NEVER CHANGE, ENZO.

-Damon dancing to Whatta’ Man by Salt n Pepa on the sly. I really hope someone has made a gif of that. Also, I know they’re stuck in 1994 but The Spin Doctors? BURN IT WITH FIRE.

-Caroline screaming at Stefan, “Why don’t you care??” There is no greater crime than being a bad friend, Stefan Salvatore. And yes, Caroline was totally right to call you a dick.

Nobody likes Self-Imposed Exile, Mopey Stefan. Get back in the kitchen.

-Is it possible that I’m now friendshipping Caroline and Enzo as the new Caroline and Stefan? Caroline needs a sidekick, people!

-”You’re not a brother to him. Brothers don’t give up.” See? Enzo is the PERFECT choice for Caroline’s new bestie!

Enzo isn't here for your emo bullshit, Stefan. Pull yourself together. 

-Jeremy continuing to pay Bonnie’s cell phone bill so he can hear her voice and yell at her on voicemail was unexpected and a little devastating.

-Ugh, do we think that Ivy will become a new Baby Vamp since Enzo broke her neck?

-Do we think that Tripp could be Sarah’s dad? Vampire Collecting Tripp who drives them into Mystic Falls and sets them ablaze by the rays of the sun? Damn those Founding Families! And if he’s a Fell then is he related to anyone that we know of already…?

-Who else is in the house with Damon and Bonnie? A Pearl Jam fan, that’s who! (No seriously, who the hell is it?)

So what did y’all think? Overall I thought it to be a very solid episode. I’m here for all of the Alaric and all of the Enzo, and also for EVERYONE telling Stefan what a shit he’s been for ditching his friends and giving up on his brother. I also very much enjoyed the lack of Tyler this week.

Next time on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan continues to be The Worst, Bonnie, for once, is actually The Best.

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