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We only have to wait eight more days until the third book in The Raven Cycle is released... so let's distract ourselves with wild speculation!


Before I go any further, can we take a moment to congratulate ourselves for surviving the interminable wait for Blue Lily, Lily Blue? It's been brutal, but we've survived, goddammit, and we're stronger for it! At least, that's what I like to tell myself when I'm lying awake at night, my mind plagued by visions of Gansey dying. (SAVE GANSEY.)

We've only got a week to kill before we find out what's in store for Blue and her Raven Boys, so now's the time to weigh in with your theories and predictions. Because there's nothing like being able to brag about the fact that you totally called such-and-such happening to Blue/Adam/Gansey/Ronan/Noah/etc., and by that I mean, most people won't know what the hell you're talking about so you might as well go on the record here, where you can actually get credit.

Check out the forecasts from a few FYA Book Club members below, then leave your own speculations in the comments. (And it should go without saying that if you've already read the book, KEEP THAT SHIZZ TO YOURSELF. Nobody likes a Kavinsky braggart.)

From Fran D., member of the Atlanta FYA Book Club:

Oh, god this is hard.  According to the internets, Maggie (I call her that not only because we are best friends in my mind, but because her last name is super hard to spell) said that three main characters will die in Blue Lily, Lily Blue.  Uggghhh nnooooo.  Here are my predictions for the deaths.  Hope I'm wrong about two and three and she's killing less-major characters (like some of Blue, Ronan or Gansey's family members. That would be fine).

1) Kavinsky.  I'm betting that he's not dead, gets some sort of redemption arc in this book, and then dies again.  Permanently this time.  Probably saving Ronan's life or some such.

2) Gansey.  Finally fulfilling the kissing prophecy, although I doubt he'll stay dead.  He'll come back as a ghost like Noah, or come back to life nearly immediately somehow.  There's some sort of twist to that prophecy for sure.

3) Adam.  Pains me to say this because I ship Adam + Ronan all day long and twice on Sundays, but terrible things keep happening to this kid.  If she keeps upping the stakes on his life, the only place to go is dead.

Honestly, I could see her killing pretty much anyone.  No one is safe!

From Faye H., member of the Austin FYA Book Club:

Based on the beginning, I think there is going to be some parallel universe or time travel stuff in this one, where they end up back in time in Wales in the days of Glendower, and I just really hope that Blue is not a Welsh fairy for God's sake.  That's all I'm sayin.'

From Amanda R., member of the Oakland FYA Book Club:

From that cover I expect nothing less than Hot Fairy Action.

* * *

So, fellow students of Aglionby, what do you think Maggie Stiefvater has cooked up for our gang? Will they find Maura? Will they find Glendower? Will Gansey and Blue finally kiss? Will Ronan and Adam actually get together? And, most importantly, who will die?!

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