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Preview: Texas Teen Book Festival 2014

YA addicts, get ready to overdose in Austin this weekend!

Preview: Texas Teen Book Festival 2014

There are many reasons why I love living in Austin-- the queso, the cocktails, the fact that jorts count as "business casual." But while we're known for our live music, this city is also a mecca for book nerds. And this weekend, those of the YA persuasion will be converging upon the Texas Teen Book Festival. It's gonna be OFF THE CHAIN, Y'ALL.

For a glimpse of the awesomeness in store, check out Mandy C.'s recap of last year's fest, then see below for a few highlights* from the schedule. (You can view the full line-up here.)

*We may or may not have selected some of these events due to the fact that Mandy C. and I are moderating them.

9:40am The Texas Throwdown Game Show

Featuring: Marie Lu, Frank Portman, Paolo Bacigalupi, Joelle Charbonneau, Simmone Howell and Jason Reynolds

This is what happens when you let me put together an event: karaoke, banjos, Chubby Bunny and cheerleaders who happen to be Gayle Forman and Jennifer Mathieu. Nothing this ridiculous has ever happened this early in the morning.

10:30am Get a Clue Panel

Featuring: Ransom Riggs, Simmone Howell, James Klise and Will Ritter

Mandy C. is helming this one, so it's guaranteed to be a lively conversation! Girlfriend does not put up with bland, which, fortunately, none of those authors are.

10:30am Come On Feel The Noise Panel

Featuring: Gayle Forman, Frank Portman, Kevin Emerson and Len Vlahos

Like the Shitty Beatles, this panel isn't just a clever name-- there will be music! I can't wait to convo with these rock stars.

11:25am Conversation with A.S. King and Andrew Smith

Like you need to know anything else.

12:25pm Growing Up and Other Natural Disasters Panel

Featuring: Jandy Nelson, Andrew Smith, Jennifer Mathieu and Julie Murphy

"How did you get so talented?" is a totally appropriate question to ask at this panel, right?

1:20pm James Dashner Keynote

This dude was a blast at our Maze Runner Q&A, so count on this session for good times.

3:10pm From Shelf to Screen Panel

Featuring: Gayle Forman, James Dasher, Kass Morgan and moderated by Ransom Riggs

Amazingly, every author on this panel scored an adaptation that is actually good. Plus I can't wait to hear Ransom discuss working with Tim Burton.

4:05pm Lauren Oliver Closing Keynote

Wonder if she'll dish about that hot mess of a Delirium pilot?


This is not part of the official schedule, per se.

If you're heading to the fest this weekend, and you see me or Mandy C. or one of the members of the Austin FYA Book Club, please say hello and consider yourself invited to that crucial 5:30pm panel.

Can't make it to Austin? Look for Kandis' recap next week so you can be extra sad that you missed it.

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).