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PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK 1x06: Fool Me Twice And It Is Go Time

Another castmember bites the dust and Madison Sinclair shows up to exchange some single entendres with Dick. 

PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK 1x06: Fool Me Twice And It Is Go Time

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The latest episode plays out almost entirely in-story, as Keith returns to remotely investigate the case (from Toronto, if you remember) and then immediately joins Weevil in shuffling off this mortal coil via poison, but not before he and Dick have a peacock standoff where they display their shimmering plumage, or something. Dick's voice-over is AMAZING on this show. 

We also get a few blasts from the past, as Madison Sinclair and Dick do the dirty at length and Beaver's ghost returns to remind Dick, in no uncertain terms, that he was NOT murdered. He jumped off the Neptune Grand. This is not a case Dick needs to investigate. Dick does not concur with his suicidal mass murdering rapist brother's ghost. And "Logan"/Gaston continues to deliver the clunkiest exposition this medium has ever seen. 

Out of story, Ryan Hanson tells us that Game of Thrones wanted him for Jon Snow, but producers had doubts about his English accent, which he then demonstrates for us. It's...okay? But he makes a good point when he say,s "Anyway, find me England on a map of Westeros!" 

A reminder of our drinking game rules:

Drink Once every time:

Dick dances.

Dick does a backflip.

Dick or Logan is shirtless.

The name "Dick" is used in a way that could also mean penis.

Drink Twice every time:

Someone says "Veronica Mars."

12 rules this week. 

Finally, our most meta moment. Ryan reminds us, in lieu of Keith and Weevil's sudden deaths, that television has two rules: 1) Kill Your Darlings and...a long tangent later about Game of Thrones, the cameraman asks him what the second rule is. Ryan does not recall. This is a hilarious call-back, not to a Veronica Mars joke, but to a really great joke in Rob Thomas' Party Down, from the second episode in a scene where Ed Begley, Jr (Dean O'Dell from Veronica Mars S3!) gets high in a bathroom and has a similar memory lapse. I wish I could find a video, dammit! You'll just have to trust me on this one. 

Join us again next week for the penultimate chapter in this epic saga!

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