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Superhero Sundays: Oct. 20-26

This week we discuss Gotham 1x5: Viper, The Flash 1x3: Things You Can't Outrun, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x5: A Hen in the Wolf House, Arrow 1x3: Corto Maltese and Constantine 1x1: Non Est Asylum.

Superhero Sundays: Oct. 20-26

Speedy Synopses:

Gotham 1x5 - Viper

An odd man gives a street busker a strange vial filled with a green liquid—there's nothing suspicious or dangerous about that, right? Wrong. The busker breaks the vial, breathes in the gas it releases, and all of a sudden becomes something out of a comic book. (Oh, wait.) He makes his unsteady way to a convenience store, where he takes on the gallon challenge, calls the store clerk a "mortal" and then steals the ATM—the entire ATM—and takes off. Harvey and Jim appear soon after to investigate, and follow the busker to his lair, where he hulks out before dying.

The busker's not the only one partaking in the drug, however. The investigation into the drug, and the man who, it turns out, is passing it around the city, leads the detectives to find out that the green liquid, now called Viper, was known in the lab in which it was created as Venom. Riiiight.

Meanwhile, Fish works on crafting her new "secret weapon" into something Falcone can't resist, and Bruce delves into the seedy underbelly of the family business. (Mandy C.)

Flash 1x3 - Things You Can’t Outrun

The latest villain of the week—The Mist—who kills his victims by changing into a poisonous gas, causes the Star Labs team to come up with the idea of creating an ad hoc prison in the basement of the labs in which to house the various evil meta-humans they come across. Having to go into the basement leads all of them to revisit the night the particle accelerator blew, which was the night Harrison was "paralyzed" and Caitlin's fiancé died. (Why hello, Robbie Amell! Welcome back to the CW.) Although Cisco and Caitlin find a bit of closure from the process, it becomes clear that Harrison knows more about the accident (and possibly the future) than he's letting on.

Joe also goes to make amends with Henry, but is followed by The Mist and nearly killed before Barry arrives and takes him out. Iris and Eddie visit Joe in the hospital, where they awkwardly reveal that they're together, and Joe tells them he's already figured it out. Really, guys. He's no Detective Lance. (Mandy C.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x5 - A Hen in the Wolf House

This was SUCH a good episode and I’m really sad to learn that the ratings are dropping each week. TELL PEOPLE IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN SEASON ONE.

We open with a Naval Squad being poisoned at a wedding. Of course HYDRA is behind it, and they’re peeved that not everyone who was poisoned died. S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks that HYDRA must have the Obelisk (they don’t, Raina gave it to Skye’s Creepy Dad) because the effects are so similar. Raina is under threat from HYDRA and tries to get it back, and we learn that she was basically raised by Dr. Kyle Maclachlan/Skye’s Creepy Dad. I’m sure their relationship is totally healthy and loving. She’s promised to bring him Skye and that’s the only way he’s handing over the Obelisk.

Jemma is still undercover at HYDRA and has been summoned to help reverse engineer the effects of the Obelisk as a weapon, which would make killing millions of people scarily easy. She sends S.H.I.E.L.D. some intel over her lunch break but is being stalked by Raina. Agent Bobbi Morse later enters Jemma’s floor announcing that there’s a mole and she intends to find it. SHIT.

Skye knows that Coulson isn’t being honest about “the weird language” they’ve been working to decipher and finally calls him out in private. He confesses and they discuss how it affected Garrett (batshit insane, drawing it over and over according to Ward), how it’s similarly affecting Coulson but not Skye. Coulson’s theory is that Skye could have alien DNA that is recognizing it instead of rejecting it. (Could Skye be one of the Inhumans like Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel? Or maybe she’s part Kree?)

Raina tries to get Coulson to hand over Skye and she really does think she’s got him by the short and curlys with a picture that proves Jemma as a double agent, but Coulson is cool as a cucumber. You see, Bobbi Morse is actually Mockingbird, also a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, sent to keep an eye on Jemma. She kicks all kinds of ass, gets Jemma out of HYDRA safely and back to the team, earning her devotion for life. Also, she’s friends with Mack AND Lance’s ex-wife. She joins the team, which Lance is SUPER EXCITED ABOUT.

Raina tells Coulson that HYDRA is making her do this and that Skye’s dad is dangerous. She asks for sanctuary with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Coulson is all NOPE, but he still wants to know where Skye’s dad is. Lance puts a tracking device on Raina so they can finally find Whitehall. Skye is hearing all of this and goes off on her own to look for her father. She finds an empty lab, a photo of him holding her as a baby...and dead bodies. Her resolve hardens, realizing he’s a monster and needs to be found. Dr. Kyle Maclachlan sees all this through a hidden camera, has a jealous tantrum over Skye and Coulson, and promptly goes to HYDRA offering up the Obelisk. He will teach them to use it if they agree to kill Coulson.

Also Fitz and Simmons have an awkward, sweet reunion which is a bit sad. Mostly because of Fitz’s Oversized Cardigan of Sadness.

Arrow 3x3 - Corto Maltese

First things first - I am totally here for Thea’s new ‘do. We see through a series of flashbacks the training that Thea has been going through these past five months, and the girl has some serious skills.

After losing Sara, Oliver feels now more than ever that Thea needs to come home. He, Diggle and Roy travel to South America together and engage in a little ARGUS sidework for Lyla while there. One of their operatives has gone dark and she wants John to make sure that he’s ok. He’s alive, and turns out to be a bit of a scumbag, selling ARGUS secrets (names of agents’ families) to some unknown buyer.

Oliver can’t convince Thea at first to come home and decides he needs to start telling her the truth; about the island, about who he is, EVERYTHING. John thinks it’s a mistake but Ollie knows that he doesn’t have anything to lose at this point. Roy also tries to convince her to come home and their reunion is bittersweet. He wants her to be happy above all else. Oliver decides to tell Thea the truth about Robert (“Malcolm may have been your blood but Robert was your father”), how he chose to kill himself to give Oliver a better chance at surviving on the liferaft.

“Dad made it off the Gambit with me. He killed himself to save me. He was a better man than you thought he was. Mom and Dad sacrificed themselves for us. We need to be together. Even if you don’t need me, I need you.”

YOU GUYS. I love the sweet sibling stuff between these two. Thea finally decides to go back with the three of them, and Merlyn is surprisingly supportive, which of course means he’s going to follow her back to Starling City like a giant creeper. Oliver is a bit concerned when Thea doesn’t flinch when hot coffee is spilled on her.

Felicity has a swanky new office at Queen Consolidated AND a personal assistant. Palmer wants her to hack into the destroyed Research (weapons) Division and gets quite the interesting gleam in his eye when she manages to get him what he wants.

Meanwhile Laurel is finding it really difficult to NOT be allowed to talk about why she’s angry because she’s still hiding Sara’s death from her dad. She takes it upon herself to don Sara’s black leather jacket and a balaclava and sets out to beat the shit out of some woman-beating d-bag. Of course she gets the shit kicked out of her. Her father and Oliver do NOT support the path she’s set herself on but Laurel goes to the local boxing ring to sign up for lessons.

Oh, and Nyssa al Ghul shows up, bow arched, demanding to know where Sara is. I guess Sara didn’t take official leave from the League of Assassins?

Constantine 1x1: Non Est Asylum

Right from the start it’s easy to see how heavily DC’s Constantine has influenced the paranormal investigative genre. Supernatural’s Castiel’s trademark trenchcoat is a homage to John Constantine. The challenge will be for this show not to feel derivative when so many other Supernatural Detective shows are already on the air; Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Grimm, etc. Matt Ryan delivered a strong, sympathetic, snarky performance that gives the show a promising future - fingers crossed!

John Constantine’s business card declares him to be an exorcist, a demonologist, a master of the dark arts. He’s also a man with demons, both figurative and literal. He lost a young girl named Astra’s soul to hell and is desperate to get it back. At the open John is at a mental hospital in Northern England when he receives a very creepy, cockroach-infested message about a girl he needs to save from a demon. He makes his way to Atlanta just in time to deliver this news to a girl named Liv, who has a hellmouth LITERALLY forming under her feet. Turns out Liv’s father was also a demon hunter and she has inherited his gift of seeing spirits still on this plane. The demon manages to kill her neighbor while Liv was protected by a carved symbol and a ring of salt courtesy of John’s friend, Chaz. Chaz, who can somehow survive being impaled with a live electrical wire. WHAT ARE YOU CHAZ.

John gives Liv a pendant that belonged to her father. He takes her to her father’s abandoned stone cottage, which looks like something straight out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Once inside we see that it’s a combination of Rupert Giles’ library, the Sheriff’s cabin from Sleepy Hollow, and Bobby’s Demon-proof Panic Room. John figures out who the demon is that’s hunting Liv and that it channels electricity. John asks a favor from a former friend named Richie. He needs Richie to hack into the city’s power grid and shut off all the power. Richie is no longer Team Constantine but John bribes him into doing it. Not really winning any hearts here but needs must.

John and Liv fight the demon, who tries to manipulate John with a vision of Astra and promises to return her. Liv can see she’s not real and they finish the exorcism. John wants Astra to know what she’s getting into if she chooses the kind of life he has and for now, she’s walking away, returning her dad’s pendant to John. He puts a cloaking spell of protection on her and I kind of love this gruff, cynical, hopeful demon-hunter.

Someone else is very interested in Liv’s powers: the angels. One named Manny confronts John and you can tell there’s no love lost between them; apparently they damned John’s soul to hell. Manny finally wears him down with a vague promise to help John get his soul un-damned. John is left with a map that Liv marked (with her blood, yikes) of different cities that are in danger. Our final scene is of John taking on a bunch of occultists (Really? A goat’s head on the wall? Trite.) and it fades out to an unknown girl scribbling page after page of John and his missions.

Hero of the Week: Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

AHHHH Adrienne Palicki is back on my screen! She was giving some serious Tyra Collette-level ‘tude and she is just so perfect for this role I AM FLAILING A BIT OK. Jemma’s adoration of her was just super adorable and I’ve already accepted that her bickering with EX-HUSBAND Lance (WHAT) will be my new favorite thing about this show. “Two seconds in and there’s already a tone.” Hee! (Also, did y'all know that she and Hawkeye were an item in the comics? Jeremy Renner cameo please.)

Honorable Mention: Laurel “Fledgling Black Canary” Lance, Arrow

She’s got the jacket, she has the anger, now all she needs is A LOT of training and we’ll have ourselves a new Canary. Ollie isn’t happy about it but Laurel is going to do this regardless. Better that he support her and help her with her training than leave her to get her ass kicked on the daily.

Villain of the Week: Skye's Creepy Dad, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Anyone this sweaty is destined for SuperVillain-y. His jealous reaction to seeing Skye’s relationship with Coulson was BEYOND creepy. He also seems to really resent being “misunderstood” for all the evil crap that he’s done. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a GamerGate troll. He seems to have no problem killing anyone who pisses him off. I'm thinking that he and Malcolm Merlyn should start a Creepy Evil Dad bowling team.

Clark Kent Moment of Duh:

Barry’s dad almost recognizes him for a second but Barry blurs his face before his dad can see that he’s The Red Streak.


There was a SERIOUS lack of shirtlessness this week considering that Team Arrow was in humid, hot South America. But I’m not going to leave you hanging like that.

…you’re welcome.

Right in the Kisser:

-Iris finally tells her father that she’s dating Eddie (boooo) and he was like, “I already knew it, Boo.” So these two are now legit and will surely be making with the kissyface in public, much to our collective chagrin.

-Felicity is moving on up, out of the Arrow Lair that is, and has taken a swanky new job at Queen Consolidated with her OWN personal assistant! She’s still on Team Arrow but she’s not waiting for Ollie to get his crap together either. We shall see her next week visiting Barry in Central City (fistpump!).

-Roy seems resigned to Thea not wanting to be with him, and while I’m excited for potential OTHER love interests for the Red Arrow, I’m also kind of sad because he and Thea were a great couple. You know, whatever gets his shirt off is really my only concern.

Biff! Bam! Pow!

courtesy of mtv.com

Can anyone really blame Jemma for looking slightly aroused after witnessing this?

Comic Pages:

-Release of the first Ms. Marvel trade paperback. Volume 1: No Normal. Trust me, you want to see Wolverine react when she tells him about her Wolverine fanfic. 

This is pretty much exactly the amount of enthusiasm I expected Logan to bring to his first selfie.

-Issue 1 of Edward Scissorhands by Kate Leth, which takes place 50 years after the movie ends, released this past Wednesday.

-The Last Unicorn was released in 2011 as a hardcover graphic novel, and now it’s available in trade paperback. Schmendrick!

And I’m legit still terrified of the Red Bull.

-Catwoman #35 brings us a new writing team and takes Selina Kyle in a new direction, as the crime boss of Gotham.

News and Notes:

-We’ll see Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm this December on The Flash! (Comic Book Resources

-Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) is set to produce Riverdale for FOX. As in Archie and Jughead’s Riverdale. Good news: Josie and the Pussycats already slated to appear! Bad news: the eternal love triangle of Archie, Betty and Veronica will be part of the show. (Comic Book Resources

-ICYMI (or just want to watch it for a twentieth time) - Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer:

I can’t handle Bruce Banner crying in the fetal position, y’all. THIS TRAILER IS SO CRUEL. And just give James Spader his damn Oscar already.

So what do you guys think is in Thea Queen's future? Will she become part of Team Arrow or has Daddy Merlyn got his hooks too far into her already? Anyone else a bit bored by Gotham this week? I'm wondering where I can get myself a Bobbi Morse toss pillow. How much longer will Fitz be cocooned in his Sadness Cardigan? Are you on Team Constantine or do the Winchester Brothers and Ichabod Crane already have you sorted for supernatural detective goodness?

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