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California, Here We Come: Announcing THE O.C. Rewatch Project!

Britt and Meredith are driving down the 101 - join us for the ride!

California, Here We Come: Announcing THE O.C. Rewatch Project!

As I started nearing the end of my Gilmore Girls Rewatch Project, I spent a lot of time thinking ahead to what the next Rewatch Project should be. Dawson's CreekBuffyFreaks and Geeks? And while those are all excellent choices (and will probably all eventually be recapped on FYA), the universal love Gilmore Girls fanatics have for a certain Season 3 Lane paramour made the decision easy. 

What a natural choice to move from Dave Rygalski to Seth Cohen!

And so, next Wednesday morning, we're kicking off The O.C. Rewatch Project. I am so excited to embark on this endeavor with my dear pal and fellow Newpsie Britt Hayes - each week we're going to alternate and tackle two episodes at a time in a similar fashion to the Gilmore Girls Rewatch Project: a drinking game, goofy categories and lots of gifs, PLUS tons of thoughtful insight into the lives of our dearest Newport denizens. 

So tune in next Wednesday morning at 8am CT! I'm starting us off with the first two episodes: "Pilot" and "The Model Home." Watch them in preparation and dive into the comments below to suggest drinking game rules and categories you'd like to see, to discuss your favorite episodes or to answer the eternal who-would-you-do debate: Ryan or Seth? (The answer, btw, is Sandy. The judges will also accept Julie Cooper as a response.)

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