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Can't stop obsessing over what's next for Blue and her Raven Boys? Neither can we! Plus, the chance to win books 1-3 of The Raven Cycle and a limited edition tarot deck.


It's been a few weeks since Blue Lily, Lily Blue was released, and frankly, I can't stop theorizing about what will happen in the final installment. I mean, besides the fact that Gansey and Blue will live happily ever after because THAT HAS TO HAPPEN OR I WILL CUT SOMEONE.

So when Maggie Stiefvater launched this Tarot Tour, we were more than happy to jump on board, because we'll take any excuse to over-analyze the shizz out of this series.

Maggie designed a Major Arcana 22-card deck inspired by The Raven Cycle, and each stop on the tour reveals one of the cards.

The tarot is a divination system that uses a deck of cards to gain insight. Most decks are comprised of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, with each card being symbolic of an energy or spiritual truth. The Major Arcana are known as the “trump cards” because they impart messages of greater weight and significance than the Minor Arcana.

Here at FYA, we were dealt The Hermit Card (number 9), which represents introspection and solitude.

Here's what the experts have to say:

The Hermit stands alone on the top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand. Mountains typically symbolise achievement, growth, and accomplishment. The Hermit has attained his spiritual pinnacle and is ready to share his knowledge with others. He is also continuing the path he has chosen, committed to his goal of ultimate awareness. The star in the lantern is a six-pointed star (the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of wisdom). The staff carried by the Hermit is the patriarch’s staff, a symbol of the narrow path of initiation and an emblem of power and authority. It represents the Hermit’s ability to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to reach even higher levels of awareness.

Um, Adam for $500, Alex? Although you could say that Gansey is very committed to his mission to find Glendower, Adam is most definitely the loner of the bunch (even more than Ronan), and he's conquered a mountain of problems to reach a higher plain.

I once predicted that Adam would become the Big Bad of the series, but now I think he's more of the martyr type. Can't you picture him sacrificing himself to save Gansey and the rest of the Scooby Gang? Not that it should come to that. (PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM, MAGGIE.)

Chime in below with your own reading of The Hermit Card for a chance to win copies of The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily Blue plus a limited edition Maggie Stiefvater Major Arcana tarot deck! (Open to U.S. residents only.)

And don't miss the rest of the Tarot Tour:

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