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YA Movie News Roundup: We Have A CINDERELLA Trailer

Plus Channing Tatum directs LEONARD PEACOCK, a JUST ONE DAY adaptation and more!

YA Movie News Roundup: We Have A CINDERELLA Trailer

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup! Let's get to it.

The Cinderella trailer is here, and it's just like you watched the Disney movie on fast-forward.

Universal has optioned Gayle Forman's Just One Day and Just One Year, to be made into a single movie. The film will be produced by Gossip Girl and The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Channing Tatum is going to direct a YA movie! Specifically Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock. Kandis wrote about it here.

In not YA but relevant to our interests news: 

A woman is directing Wonder Woman! And not just any woman - the great Michelle MacLaren, of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones fame. 

I wrote about teen movie adaptations of classic literature, and why that's an A+ combination.

The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is so so so good

Check out the Alamo Drafthouse Don't Talk PSA by the Mean Girls boys! 

And speaking of Damian, his "Shake and Bake" Taylor Swift parody is super goofy and fun.

The Jurassic World trailer is out!

And to get serious for a moment: schools in Ferguson, Missouri, are closed today in the wake of the news that Darren Wilson will not be indicted for the shooting of Michael Brown, but the public library remains open. Donate to the Ferguson public library here

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