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Lauren Graham’s Co-Writing And Starring In A New NBC Comedy!

The show will be about late night TV. It is not 30 ROCK. 

Lauren Graham’s Co-Writing And Starring In A New NBC Comedy!

Lauren Graham is a treasure, and this is nothing but the best news:

After Parenthood wraps this season, Graham will be starring and co-writing on a new NBC comedy about late night television, and specifically the dearth of women hosts therein. 

The project, Kate On Later, touches on the recent changeover in late-night that again failed to produce a female host of a network late-night show...

It centers on Kate (Graham) who thought her day job was all her life would amount to when an opportunity arises that’s bigger than she ever dreamed possible. But that opportunity means she’s going to have to break one of the last remaining glass ceilings — the world of late-night network television talk shows.

Graham - who before Parenthood obvs won our forever hearts playing the impetuous, fast-talking coffee addict Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls - is writing alongside playwright, author, director and producer Liz Tuccillo (He's Just Not That Into You [the book], Take Care). Kate On Later will be executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, and really, who better? 

Graham's written a novel - that I somehow haven't yet read, but the FYA review is super positive - called Someday, Someday Maybe, but this will be her first gig writing for television. She's one of the great talents of the small screen, and the fact that she has an opportunity to headline and write for a big project like this is a reason to celebrate. NBC is developing Kate On Later as a single-camera comedy, and it currently has a script commitment. Here's hoping this one materializes and meets my stratosphere-high expectations. 

Meredith Borders's photo About the Author: Meredith Borders is a brewpub owner and freelance writer/editor living in Houston. Her dog's middle name is Hermione, and she makes purse decisions based almost entirely on their capacity to hold books.