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YA Movie News Roundup: The PAN Trailer Is Here

Plus the first image from A MONSTER CALLS, a WALLED CITY movie and more!

YA Movie News Roundup: The PAN Trailer Is Here

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup! Let's dive in.

The trailer for Joe Wright's Pan is here, and it's super lush and fantastical. The Native American stuff is obviously problematic, but Devin over at BAD has a good point when he says "the Indians in Peter Pan were never Indians - they were always 19th century British children's versions of Indians, and trying to make them realistically Indian defeats that purpose. Although I also understand that the inherent exoticification of Indians as presented to young boys and girls is now also inherently offensive. As a relic from another age there's essentially no way to approach this aspect of Peter Pan without ruffling some feathers." That aside, here's the trailer, which my eyeballs want more of: 

See the first, not-all-that exciting image from JA Bayona's adaptation of Patrick Ness' A Monster Calls here, and read the FYA book report here

Mockingjay Part 1 has made a staggering $480.3 million worldwide. Now let's read some more thinkpieces about how YA is dead!

Lifetime's Witches of East End is getting a YA spinoff series. 

Ryan Graudin's The Walled City will be made into a feature film by Ivanhoe Pictures. Read the FYA book report here

If I Stay author Gayle Forman gives an interview about the translation of her books into films. Read the If I Stay book report here

In not quite YA but relevant to our interests news: 

I wrote about this yesterday, but in case you missed it - Lauren Graham is co-writing and starring in an NBC comedy vehicle where she'll play the only woman hosting a late night talk show! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS! 

Check out the first image from the Christmas special of Sherlock here

Anna Kendrick talks about feminism and remains the best.

And in other Kendrick (/Kubrick?) news, this video has a small audience, I imagine, but if you're among that number, you will LOVE IT. Are you a fan of Pitch Perfect? Have you seen the Shining conspiracy theory documentary Room 237? Then this is for you!

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