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The 100 2x6: The Fog of War

Ugh, Finn. Why you gotta be such a sad sack now?

The 100 2x6: The Fog of War

Previously on The 100: Clarke and Bellamy reunite, Kane finds himself trapped in an old subway with none other than Jaha, and Finn goes BATSHIZZ CRAZY.

So this week’s episode wasn’t quite as violent as last week’s, but there was still plenty of scheming, blood and unpleasant surprises to keep us happy. Not every episode can feature Finn going completely mental, after all, regardless of where his character seems to be heading.

At Camp Jaha:

- Two days after Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia find Finn having massacred an entire Grounder village, Bellamy and Clarke meet up/have drinks (what what!) to discuss the fates of Finn and Malfoy. Clarke shows Bellamy a map she’s drawn of Mt. Weather, and explains her start of a plan to break in and get the other 47 out. Bellamy asks Clarke about Finn, and before speaking of the devil makes him appear, Bellamy somewhat justifies his actions. Malfoy crashes the party, and lets Clarke know that both guys have been pardoned. But Clarke’s never been one for following the crowd, and so tells him in no uncertain terms that she's not ready to forgive.

- Raven has discovered that Mt. Weather is jamming Camp Jaha’s communications, and making it impossible for them to contact any of the other ships. Abby, at first, is totally against any sort of plan that lets any of the 100 out on their own, but quickly relents … but only if she can go.

At the Grounder village:

- Jaha and Kane have gone without water or food for two days when a commander brings a young woman and a knife into the cell. He tells the men that one of them must die, or they both will. Neither want to die, but neither want to kill each other either. Kane slices his wrist at one point, but Jaha saves him before he bleeds too much. When the young woman comes over to help, Jaha captures her and forces the Grounders’ hand. Or so he thinks—the girl quickly gets the drop on Jaha and reveals herself to be the true commander.

In Mt. Weather:

- Dr. Tsing tells President Wallace about Maya’s spectacular recovery. Turns out, Jasper’s blood was eight times more effective than the “standard” system. She asks Wallace for permission to move forward with the rest of the 47, and A.J. Cage suddenly decides to be on her side. Wallace isn’t having it, though, and goes looking instead for volunteers. He finds Jasper, and asks him to see if he can inspire the other 47 to volunteer like he did.

- While Jasper is talking to Monty about the volunteering, Maya butts in and acts a little strange. She gets the boys to follow her into a storage unit and shows them the Grounders being kept captive. This, finally, is the last straw, and Jasper, Monty and some of the other 47 plot their escape.

In the forest:

- Abby, Clarke, Raven, Finn, Bellamy, Octavia and some guards head out to try to take down the tower, but are soon overtaken by acid fog. Clarke and Finn escape to a bunker, where they try to make nice, but even after Finn gives her back her dad’s watch, there’s still a lot of issues there.

- Bellamy, Octavia and the guards escape into an old garage, but are quickly attacked by Reapers—one of whom—you can GASP here, it’s OK—is Lincoln. Bellamy and Octavia get the drop on him, however, and are both already making tentative mind plans on how to return Lincoln to his previously glorious self.

- Abby and Raven put up a tent to avoid the fumes, and while it passes, Raven discovers that there’s one frequency that’s not jammed. Raven, the badass that she is, figures out how to crack the encryption on the station and discovers that they can now hear all that’s going on at Mt. Weather.

- In the end, Abby and Raven decide that the lives of the 47 are worth more than the maybe lives of others from the Arc. And so, after the fog has passed and most of the group has reconvened, Abby tells Clarke that they’re going to attempt to save the rest of the 100. And then, Jaha walks out of the forest with a Grounder ultimatum: leave in two days or die.

Mt. Weather 101:

We discovered this episode that the ill effects of the Earth’s radiation has led to President Wallace’s blindness, but the guy sure hides it well.

Death Toll: 3 Guards and 1 Reapers

We didn’t lose any of the 100 this episode, but It’s never surprising to me when a random guard dies. (See: redshirt.)

Say What:

Clarke has suddenly become the voice of the fans:

Malfoy: Trouble in paradise?
Clarke: Just because they pardoned you, doesn’t mean I have.

Kane even carries his soapbox into a dungeon:

Lives have been lost on both sides. That’s why we need to END THIS WAR.

Finn acts like murdering an entire village was some sort of accident:

Why? So you can keep an eye on me? You’d have to be able to look at me to do that.

And then Clarke returns to her melodramatic roots:

Clarke: I don’t even know what you are anymore.
Finn: Neither do I.
Clarke: What have we become?

Burning Questions:

- What’s the point of turning the world’s prettiest people into Reapers?

- When will Abby quit with the whole “But you’re only children! But your plan is pretty sound … “ waffling?

- And—I can’t quite believe I’m saying this—when did Malfoy become amusing?

Let’s discuss below.

Next episode: "Long Into an Abyss"


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