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FYA JAM: A Little Bit of Resolve

New year, new unicorns, and a new playlist to motivate you to stick with those pesky New Year's resolutions!

FYA JAM: A Little Bit of Resolve

Welcome back to FYA JAM! As thrilled as I am to have another round of music talk with Jennie, wasn't it just New Year's?!? How is the month going by so quickly?

We're three weeks into January, which means this is the time when New Year's Resolutions die. But not if Jennie and I can help it! Or, at least, not if we can create a motivationally themed playlist for it! No matter what your resolution is, Jennie and I are here to pump *clap* you up!

1.  "This Is How We Do It" - Montell Jordan


Mandy W.:  OMG YES YES. We mention Montell all the time in our book reports that it's only fitting he gets a shout-out in his actual realm of expertise.

2.  "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)" - Garbage

Mandy W.: There's actually a v. different story playing out in the song, but I'm picking it because... 

Jennie:  Go baby go go, aw, we're right behind you!

3.  "I Love It" - Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX

Jennie:  Throwing one's shit into a bag and pushing it down the stairs is EXCELLENT exercise.

4.  "#SELFIE" - The Chainsmokers

Jennie:  I'm going to exercise, but first...LET ME TAKE A SELFIE. (Otherwise, how will everyone know?)

5.  "Push It" - Salt-N-Pepa

Mandy W.:  In my mind, this is the soundtrack for all Lamaze classes. Please no one shatter this illusion. 

6.  "Stronger" - Britney Spears

Mandy W.:  For a more inspirational choice from Brit Brit's catalogue. Also because Spotify doesn't have "Work, Bitch", WTF?!?

7.  "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake

Mandy W.:  For juxtaposition. Also because I absolutely veto "Rock Your Body". I actually hate it. Which is surprising, considering some of the stuff I like, I know.

8.  "Work It" - Missy Elliot

Mandy W.:  OK, so it's about a different kind of workout. But let me ask y'all this: IS IT WORTH IT? LEMME WORK IT. I PUT MY THING DOWN, FLIP IT, AND REVERSE IT.

9.  "Mama Said Knock You Out" - LL Cool J

Mandy W.:  My greatest hope for any day is an excuse to shout, "DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!"

10.  "All I Do Is Win" - DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross

Mandy W.:  Thanks, Emma Stone's lip sync, for reminding me of this song!

11.  "He Got Game" - Public Enemy 

Mandy W.:  Whenever I hear the intro to "For What It's Worth", I always feel a pang of disappointment that it's not this instead.

12.  "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" - C+C Music Factory

Mandy W.:  Why aren't we J+M Music Factory? Missed opportunity. Then again, JAM has more crossover product potential.

13.  "Intermission" - The Offspring

Jennie:  Everyone needs a break. Ahhhhhh.

14.  "Here It Goes Again" - OK Go

Mandy W.:  I didn't even check if the lyrics fits thematically. But -- spoiler alert! -- you will see this song again.

15.  "Never Miss a Beat" - Kaiser Chiefs

Jennie: Solely here because the beat will carry you through.

16.  "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen

Jennie: Another song to help you find your rhythm, especially if it helps you to picture a particular someone biting the dust.

17.  "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" - Say Hi

Jennie: Pretend you're in a parade with the cheerful horn intro.

18.  "My Body" - Young the Giant

Mandy W.:  Perfect song for conquering fatigue when you're running on fumes.

19.  "Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon

Mandy W.:  I don't like songs (or anything) giving me such aggressive orders, but I still can't refuse this directive.

20.  "Resolve" - Foo Fighters

Mandy W.:  The song from which this playlist borrows its name!

21.  "Balaclava" - Arctic Monkeys

Jennie:  Run run run!

22.  "Be Yourself" - Audioslave

Mandy W.:  At the end of the day, don't be so hard on yourself if you fall short of meeting your goals. Screw what Yoda says; there IS a try! P.S. Jennie, I don't think we've ever discussed Vocal God Chris Cornell before!

23.  "Can't Stop" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jennie: You can't stop! You won't stop! Anthony Kiedis forbids you from stopping.

24.  "Physical" - Olivia Newton-John

Mandy W.:  Really, this is just here to whet your appetites for the main event below. 

Jennie:  THAT VIDEO HAUNTS MY DREAMS. I used to see it all the time when I was really little, on VH1.

25.  "DARE" - Gorillaz

Mandy W.:  Work it out, and keep on keeping on! Also, there's a not-ucommon belief on the internet that this song is actually about masturbation. Oh, I'll give you a masturbation song next month.

26.  "Doin' It Right" - Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear

Jennie: Time to cool down (because you want to do it right).

So how about it? Do you feel ready to tackle those New Year's resolutions yet? Let's get physical, y'all! (If you've never watched this before, you're in for a treat. As well as crop tops and banana hammocks.)

And if you still need some more inspiration -- or a better use of your treadmill -- take a cue from OK Go: 

Which songs would you add to our pump-up mix? And how are your New Year's resolutions going? (I've yet to snowboard two more times, as per mine. Whoops!) Let us know in the comments!

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.