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Superhero Sundays: Jan. 19–23

This week, we discuss Gotham 1x12: What the Little Bird Told Him, The Flash 1x10: Revenge of the Rogues and Arrow 3x10: Left Behind.

Superhero Sundays: Jan. 19–23

Hey gang! Mandy C. here, filling in for Amanda, who’s recovering from a broken leg. (I told you, girl, leave the crime-fighting to the professionals!) Do forgive the lack of commentary on the comics/news; that’s more Amanda’s wheelhouse.

Speedy Synopses:
Gotham 1x12: What the Little Bird Told Him

Gotham PD was on high alert this week: Jack Gruber, a.k.a. The Electrocutioner, was on the loose and looking for vengeance against Don Maroni, who screwed him over in the past. Jim "sweet-talked" the (current) Commissioner, and bet his badge on the fact that he and Harvey could catch Gruber in a day. WIth a little help from the very pretty Dr. Leslie Thompkins (who turns out to be more than just a friend by the end of the episode—*bow-chicka-wow-wow*), they catch him, and so Jim returns to GPD.

Elsewhere in the city, Penguin almost ruins his double-crossing position after getting (literally) shocked by Gruber, and Fish makes her move against Don Falcone—and loses, pretty dramatically.

(Side note: This episode of Gotham was one of the best, by far. It actually grabbed—and kept—my attention.)

The Flash 1x10: Revenge of the Rogues

Leonard Snart returns to Central City, and brings with him his new partner, Mick—a guy who likes fire a little too much for anyone's good. Together, Captain Cold and Heat Wave (another excellent Cisco nickname) terrorize the police force and steal a priceless painting, but they're really only looking to break out of prison take out The Flash. Barry catches them, of course, but the end of the episode finds them greeting Snart's mysterious sister from the back of a stopped prison transport van.

Meanwhile, Iris spends much of the episode moving into Eddie's apartment and Caitlin investigates F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. (or, The World's Longest Acronym).

Arrow 3x10: Left Behind

In Starling City, the crew (Felicity, Diggle and Roy) try to keep up appearances while Oliver's away, but after a few days of hearing nothing from Ollie, everyone begins to worry. Malcolm Merlyn, ever the ray of sunshine, plants the seed of doubt in everyone's mind that he's dead—and brings them a sword covered in Ollie's blood that might just prove it. They keep themselves busy, however, by tracking a group of criminals led by a guy named Brick, who are out to un-do much of Team Arrow's hard work (i.e., taking down the scum of Starling). Without their leader, however, they fail, and Felicity can't quite deal with it all.

The episode ends with not one, but two reveals: Laurel's taken on the mantle of Black Canary, and Ollie's not so dead after all. (Uh, duh.)

Hero of the Week: Jim Gordon

All of a sudden, Jim is no longer a milquetoast. I mean, he threatened the Commissioner. Twice. Finally we’re getting a glimpse of the cranky, no-nonsense Commissioner Gordon we all know and love.

OK, sure, so he verged a little into anti-hero territory with the whole “so why place nice?” bit, but still.

Villains of the Week: Captain Cold and Heat Wave

The plotting. The thirst for vengeance. The monologuing. Out of all the superhero shows on right now, The Flash really does kick it old school with their villains. Part of me expects to see the 60s Batman graphics pop up on screen during the fight scenes.

Troy Barnes Award for Evoking The Feelz:

Basically every scene with Felicity in this week’s episode of Arrow was pure heartbreak. Like this one:

And this one:

And especially this one:

(GIFs via queensarrow)

Clark Kent Moment of Duh:

LOVED the beginning of Arrow in which the bad guys were confused by Roy on Ollie’s motorcycle. The whole “I thought he was green?” bit? Priceless. And it got even better when “the green one” appeared … and it was Dig in Ollie’s gear.

(GIF via starlingcitygifs)


So it’s not exactly what we were hoping for, but I suppose we’ll have to take what we can get?

(GIF via pintasfun)

Plus, the whole fact that he’s alive is certainly a good thing. He’ll need to recuperate, and then work on getting his fitness back, which means … SALMON LADDER.

Right in the Kisser:

- Gotham: I am so excited to see Jim moving on from Barbara (even though I know it’s short-lived). Dr. Thompkins is way less of a drag than Barbara. Plus, their kiss was H-O-T hot, and that look that Jim gives the cop that intruded on it makes me think he thought so too.

- The Flash: Poor Barry. Even after spilling his soul, Iris is still moving in with Eddie. There was a moment near the end of the episode that I thought Eddie might bite it, but, sadly*, Barry saved him.

*I swear I’m not this cold-hearted normally. Just with ships.

- Arrow: There’s no time for romance with Ollie is missing!

Biff! Bam! Pow!

You tell ‘em, Jim!

(GIF via pintasfun)

Comic Pages:

Out this week:

Lumberjanes #10

Red Sonja Vol. 2 #14

Rocket Salvage #2

News and Notes:

- Stephen Amell has denied that Oliver Queen’s resurrection happens via the Lazarus Pit, and Colton Haynes talks about Arsenal stepping up in his absence. (More from Haynes here.)

- Robbie Amell and Victor Garber recently discussed Firestorm.

- Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones has its first villain ... and it could be a terrible rapist. Great.

So what did you guys think of this week’s shows? Anyone else LOL at the Mick casting? Let us know below.

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