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FYA Photo-A-Day: January 2015 Wrap-Up

Once again, our readers stepped up to the Photo-A-Day challenge!

FYA Photo-A-Day: January 2015 Wrap-Up

Last September, we ran the first FYA Photo-A-Day challenge, and you responded with over a thousand book-related photos. When we decided to do it a second time, with the help of reader-submitted prompts, we were rewarded with well over a thousand more! It was so hard to pick just four favorites each day, especially when you brought us book-related costumes, book swag, doodles, suggestions for how books should have ended, and so much more. We hope everyone who played along made some new instagram friends and had as much fun as we did.

Some highlights from January 2015:

Close Friend Casting Call:




Character Outfit:



Tasty Business:




Literary Doodle:




Your Book Club:




Thanks for playing, everyone! We're hoping to bring you another round in the spring. If you have prompt suggestions for the next round of Photo-A-Day, coming later this year, please send them our way!

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