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If Bellamy Dies—or #Bellarke Doesn’t Happen—We Riot

We’re showing our love for two of our favorite characters from The 100 with the latest merch in the FYA Store. (About time, amirite?)

If Bellamy Dies—or #Bellarke Doesn’t Happen—We Riot

Over the past couple of weeks, The 100 has caused us here at FYA HQ a whole lot of stress. If you’re not sure why, I won’t go into detail here, but there are certain situations afoot that have us gnashing our teeth in distress. (You should check out our recaps if you’d like to know more. And If you’re not watching The 100WHY NOT!?)

To keep our minds off of the negative (and inspired by a comment on last week’s recap—thanks, Kristin!) we broke out the Champ Cans and got creative. Amidst the clouds of glitter and appendages stuck together with superglue, two new designs for the FYA Store were born!


The #BELLARKE merch comes in two versions: navy text and white text.

If Bellamy Dies We Riot

Show your support, Sky People!


If The 100's not quite your bag—*slight side eye*—we have a lot of other designs in the FYA Store, so be sure to check it out regardless.

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