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Superhero Sundays: Feb. 2–8

This week, we discuss Gotham 1x14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane, Agent Carter 1x5: The Iron Ceiling, The Flash 1x12: Crazy For You and Arrow 3x12: Uprising.

Superhero Sundays: Feb. 2–8

Speedy Synopses:

Gotham 1x14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Gotham gives us a case of whiplash this week (no pun intended/#toosoon?) by including a whole slew of action. A new villain has come to play, and he’s making himself known in brutal ways—by killing people via the means they’re most afraid of. (He’s also harvesting their adrenal glands ...) Jim and Harvey are on the case, natch, and Harvey hooks up with a pretty woman who might be involved, through her phobia support group. She gets a little too involved when trying to make nice with a fellow group member, a Dr. Gerald Crane. (And suddenly, the adrenal gland business makes more sense.) Crane nearly drowns her, but Harvey saves her in the nick of time.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Bruce returns his keys to Barbara’s penthouse and finds Selina’s been squatting. She continues to lie about not seeing Bruce’s parents’ murderer’s face—say that three times fast—and so Jim goes to talk to Bruce. Bruce eventually absolves Jim of the case, but I doubt that’s the last we’ve heard of it. Fish has set sail for parts unknown, but her ride is stopped by pirates (?) and she readies for the fight. Maroni’s on to Penguin, and takes him out into the country to learn more about his double-crossing nature. Penguin, somewhat stupidly, falls for Maroni’s tricks, and finds himself nearly flattened in a junkyard. Thanks to the greed of humanity, however, he makes it out alive, but his double-crossing days have certainly come to an end.

Agent Carter 1x5: The Iron Ceiling

Agent Carter has a posse! This week's episode of Agent Carter is its own riff on the road trip episode of television shows. And with only three episodes left in the run, the various plot threads and bread crumbs are starting to meld and payoff together into a cohesive whole. But oh gosh, this was a great episode, and truthfully I haven't had this much fun since probably the pilot. The episode opens with a flashback to 1937 where Russia is training young girls in breaking out of handcuffs, diction like Snow White, hand to hand combat, and the occasion neck snapping of someone you just broke bread with. Dottie's such a great force in her short time being a player on the Agent Carter stage.

The rest of the episode wastes little time as the Magic Fringe typewriter/analog gChat device spits out a coded message that Carter easily decodes (no thanks to the palooka codebreaker sent from Arlington) and reveals map coordinates and logistical details for a weapons deal and exchange from Leviathan, directly implicating Stark as a the traitor the SSR thinks he is. Chief Dooley wastes little time in sending in a tactical team to Belarus. Carter wants in on the mission, seeing as she's the one who cracked the code, and given her time during the war knows the most about Europe. Thompson doesn't want her along to be babysat, nor Dooley wants a woman's blood on his hands if she bites it while over there (although he's more than willing to send in the SSR's only other two minority agents, Lee and Ramirez). The only reason she's allowed to come is because she got the legendary Howling Commandos to come with.

Aside from the intentional/unintentional Aliens reference to the parachute drop being Thompson's first actual one (eight training drops!), Carter is in her element in the field, easily being the boss we fell in love with during the first Captain America movie. The re-introduction of the Howling Commandos and Neal McDonough's glorious mustache return. That moment feels like introducing your SQUAD (tm) to a bunch of lowly jabronis who've been bullying you. Their mission leads them to the abandoned Russian training school for little girls with pigtails and murderous tendencies, where they discover a jailed engineer and his psychiatrist who've been tasked by Leviathan to build a stolen Stark schematic for them. Firefight shoot time eventually happens where Peggy is a boss, and saves a Thompson who breaks during the fight. Thompson, for all his bluster was hiding the fact that he earned his Navy Cross for shooting six surrendering Japanese soldiers on Okinawa, and burying their white flags before anybody wised up, and he's been living with that lie since he got back from the war, and Carter was the first person he told.

Stateside, Dooley is still looking into the events at Finnow, to discover Stark and an Army general got into a fistfight, and he visits with Jarvis to try and get some clarification and truth on what happened. Dottie infiltrates Peggy's apartment, discovers hidden photos of Stark inventions, and a photo of Steve Rogers on her vanity. Sousa puts it together that the blond women in Spider's club was Carter. Thompson inviting Carter out for drinks, did anybody else mark out at that? We are in the home stretch, everybody. (Paolo S.)

The Flash 1x12: Crazy For You

Another metahuman appears (haha, get it?!) to cause trouble in Central City; trouble that includes freeing her shady boyfriend from jail and stealing in order to pay back the men he owes before the two of them can skip town. Handily, Shawna’s (a.k.a, Peek-A-Boo … you tried, Caitlin) powers are teleportation; unfortunately for Barry, it’s hard to catch something or someone who’s essentially faster than he is. During the investigation, Barry gets to see and talk with his dad, Henry. It’s all good bonding until Henry goes and gets himself stabbed while looking for info that might help with the case. Ultimately, Team Flash discovers her weakness—the dark—and makes ready a room for her in their subterranean prison. (I find myself wondering: who feeds these criminals? Where do they sleep and/or shower?)

In the much more interesting side plot, Barry and Caitlin realize that they’re much too awesome to be pining for what they can’t have. So the two hit a divey karaoke bar, where Caitlin proves brains don’t always go hand in hand with singing chops, and Barry surprises everyone (except those of us who saw him on Glee) with his angelic vocals. *heart eyes for days* Barry meets someone new; Caitlin gets a wicked hangover.

While everyone else is off having fun, Hartley dupes Cisco into letting him out of prison, but in doing so, Cisco learns more about what happened to Ronnie (i.e., the reactor explosion melded his body (and personality?) with a Dr. Martin Stein).

Oh, and the episode ends with two city workers checking into mysterious noises coming from the sewers. Said mysterious noises were quite ape-like, I’m thinking.

Arrow 3x12: Uprising

Team Arrow is still Oliver-less as they scramble to try and save The Glades from Brick the Cockney Gangsta’ and his Merry Band of Thugs. I’m not sure why the National Guard couldn’t be called in but then our heroes wouldn’t get to save the day I suppose. Laurel has upped her training game with Ted Grant and it shows as she and Roy do damage control in The Glades. Once they figure out that Brick and his men are communicating via walkie talkies Felicity is able to pinpoint their headquarters—the police precinct.

Speaking of police, Captain Lance assists Team Arrow as best he can and provides comic relief when he meets up with Arsenal and is basically like, “I know it’s you, Harper, even in your fancy-nancy super-suit.” Roy’s a bit sad that he no longer needs Ollie’s cool voice modifier and our suspicions that Lance has long known that Oliver is the Arrow are confirmed. Lance’s confidence is shaken by Sin (SIN! YOU’RE BACK!), who informs him that the Blonde Lady he sees crimefighting isn’t Sarah.

Merlyn has the Arrow Cave bugged (which explains a lot) and sees the intel come in reporting that Brick is actually the man responsible for killing his wife, and not the poor sod he killed 21 years ago. Also, can we talk about how sad Merlyn’s flashback wig is? THAT HAIRLINE.  Thea continues to stand by him even though he’s a remorseless killer. It’s quite a juxtaposition between Team Arrow fighting to save people in The Glades and Thea in her luxury penthouse practicing martial arts in order to keep herself safe.

Oliver continues to heal and decides it’s a good time to head home. Is there a hidden Starling City-Asia Concord route that only Oliver knows about because I have no idea how he gets there and back so quickly. ANYWAYS. Merlyn offers his help in saving The Glades and Diggle makes the final decision for Team Arrow; even though they need him desperately they’re not going in with Malcolm Merlyn. Instead they round up all of their friends, including Sin and Ted Grant, and residents of The Glades and go ALL IN on Brick and his crew. Oliver gets home just in time to help them defeat Brick and make a grandiose speech on top of a turned-over truck. He later approaches Merlyn because he knows that in order to defeat Ra’s he needs to learn to fight like him. Felicity is furious and washes her hands of Oliver and frankly, I’m a little disappointed in her. Hopefully in the light of day she’ll see the grey instead of just black and white. (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Peggy, Agent Carter

I’ve been waiting all season for Peggy to finally prove to the men she’s working with that she’s worth more than all of them combined. Not only did she survive a dangerous mission in enemy territory and show her co-workers that the Howling Commandos do what she says, but she was sympathetic and caring and downright nice to Douchebag McGee Thompson regardless of how crappy he always is to her. Now that’s heroic.

Villain of the Week: Dr. Gerald Crane, Gotham

Although he wasn’t super scary, the fact that he’s the driving force behind Scarecrow (or so it seems from the previews for next week) makes him a force to be reckoned with. Plus, the man is not afraid to get brutal when he comes to killing his victims. Watching Crane push a man off a roof with a noose around his neck made my stomach flip-flop quite viciously.

Troy Barnes Award for Evoking The Feelz:

(GIFs via captainsassymills)

Clark Kent Moment of Duh:

The fact that Det. Lance can tell it’s Roy underneath the “leather and lace,” but he still has no idea that Oliver is Arrow made me laugh out loud. Inversely, I love that Barry’s dad knows he’s the Flash, but won’t force him to come right out and say it. Henry deserves the Keith Mars Award for being such an awesome dad.


Pretty much everyone stayed covered up this week. I suppose seeing the SSR agents (and Peggy) changing in the dressing room was that time-period’s equivalent of us seeing abs, but it’s just not the same.

Right in the Kisser:

Gotham: I love how awkward Jim was around Dr. Thompkins during their meeting, but man—guy’s got some serious moves, if that kiss in the precinct is any indication. The two of them are so much better together than he and Babs, but we all know (sadly) how this is going to end.

The Flash: Barry’s got a girlfriend! And she’s super cute. (And a CW regular—having been on both The Vampire Diaries and Star-Crossed. R.I.P. Star-Crossed.) I am excited to see where their relationship goes. She’s sassy, smart, and is breaking gender stereotypes (working as a sports reporter? You go, Linda.) Pretty sure Iris is going to have an interesting time working with her at the paper.

Arrow: OK, so. Don’t get me wrong. I love Felicity, but I wholly disagree with her stance at the end of this week’s episode. Yes, Merlyn’s the worst, but he’s also Ollie’s only option in this situation. Like Amanda said in her recap; I really hope she sleeps on this one and realizes the error of her ways.

Biff! Bam! Pow!

(GIFs via believe-in-chemistry)

Y’all don’t even know how long I’ve been hoping that they’d make Barry sing.

News and Notes:

- Chrises Pratt and Evans made good on their Super Bowl bets. #tooadorableforwords

- Marvel Comics has announced an all-female Avengers team, A-Force, which will be co-written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel).

- DC has announced 24 new titles and new author/illustrator pairings, including Brandon Fletcher (Batgirl) writing for Black Canary. Also, Starfire’s getting an outfit that actually covers her boobs.

- A 3-year-old cancer survivor dressed as Wonder Woman for her final day of chemo and won all of our hearts.

- Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls) is joining Gotham as villain The Ogre. I hope there’s makeup involved, because there is nothing ogre-like about this man.

- Luke Mitchell (The Tomorrow People) will appear on an upcoming episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as an Inhuman, proving yet again that Marvel is doing things right by their TV and movie ‘verses.

- And, ICYMI: The first trailer for the new Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil was released. It’s both literally and figuratively dark.


So what did you guys think of this week’s shows? Are you wishing for more Agent Carter as hard as I am? Let us know below.

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