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TV Preview: Allegiance

Emily and Mandy C. check out the first episode of Allegiance. SPOILER ALERT: Being a spy will always come back to haunt you.

TV Preview: Allegiance

Welcome back to our TV Preview series! We’re here to check out TV’s midseason offerings (which we highlighted in our TV Preview: Midseason Shows post) and voice our opinions on what’s good, what’s bad, what’s meh, and what you can avoid at all costs.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead.


Premiered: Feb. 5 on NBC (Watch online.)

Twitter Pitch

When your son gets a job with the CIA, your KGB past is likely to come a’ knockin.’ #surprise #nowonderyouknowrussiansowell

Familiar Faces

Morgan Spector as Victor Dobrynin

Kenneth Choi as Sum Luttrell

Hope Davis as Katya O’Connor

Scott Cohen as Mark O’Connor

Margarita Levieva as Natalie O’Connor

Faces That Might Become Familiar (If You Keep Watching)

Gavin Stenhouse as Alex O’Connor

David Vadim as Arkady Isakof

Alexandra Peters as Sarah O’Connor

Redeeming Qualities

Emily: Max Medina and Hope Davis! I'm such a fan of both of them. I also really like Margarita Levieva (from Revenge). I wasn't sure about the premise, especially with The Americans currently being on FX, but I'm into it. I like the family dynamics, the twists and turns, and that the parents will do anything to protect their children. It gives the show some actual stakes.

Mandy: At first glance, I, too, thought this show sounded awfully like The Americans. But the plot was different, in a good way. I’m interested by the parents, and how their past will haunt their children, or how they’ll get out from underneath it all. Plus, I find the idea of Alex’s character, and his apparent flaws, intriguing.

It's Not Me, It's You

Emily: This is the replacement for Parenthood, and it starts with a man being burned alive? That is not OK. I almost stopped watching immediately. It's hard to go from a show that I LOVED and felt was so based in reality to one that is completely high concept and glossy. The characters are stiff, especially Alex, who isn't quite socially awkward enough to make him interesting. He just seems like a really nice guy who happens to be a crazy genius, but I'm supposed to believe he's "different" because the other characters tell me he is. And I also think it might be a character choice, but going in and out of the accents (mainly Hope Davis) kept throwing me out of the story.

Mandy: Oh, Hope Davis. Please either use a Russian accent or use your normal voice. The switching between the two was super distracting. Also: I hope the people who were apparently really awesome spies previously up their game, because they failed pretty miserably at being spy-like in this first episode. Thirdly: Please stop putting so much makeup on Scott Cohen.

Let's Do This Again

Emily: While I was entertained, the pilot didn't blow me away. However, the ending of this episode was a brilliant way to hook people in. I really want to see what Mark and Katya tell Alex, and how many double crossings they're going to have to do to protect themselves. The second episode could make it or break it for me as to if I stick around, but I'm at least interested enough to tune in to see what happens next.

Mandy: I am a sucker for a good thriller, and most of the crime procedurals that premiered this year have left me wanting. I will definitely give this show another episode or two, and I’m not swearing to a long-term commitment, but there’s promise here.

Did you watch Allegiance? If so, let us know your thoughts below!

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