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Putting the "mean" in Mean Girls.


I love me some Mean Girls, there are times when I worry about how much I dig Regina George. She's a bully, but she's also kind of... awesome? And while the message of the film is still an important one, its impact is softened by Tina Fey's hilarious script.

That's not to say that I would change a thing about Mean Girls, because PERFECTION, but since bullying is very much a serious problem for adolescents, it seems important to have films that explore this topic on a more realistic level. And that's why the trailer for A Girl Like Her caught my eye:

Intrigued? Here's the scoop on the film:

At some point, everyone has been the victim of that mean girl. In every high school, there’s at least one. The new movie A Girl Like Her gives a striking, authentic perspective on what it’s like to survive in an American high school, and what it’s like to deal with the relentless harassment of that person you thought was your friend.

Using documentary-style filmmaking that gives the movie a ripped-from-real-life dynamic, A Girl Like Her is a movie Teen Vogue called: “The most honest movie about teen girls ever..."

Starring Lexi Ainsworth (General Hospital), Jimmy Bennett, and Emmy winner Hunter King (The Young and the Restless), A Girl Like Her hits theaters March 27th.

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