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Your First Fake Boyfriend: Adam Brody

The "nerds" at our schools never looked like this.

Your First Fake Boyfriend: Adam Brody

Welcome back to Your First Fake BF/GF, where we dig deep into the internet archives to reminisce about our crushes in the days gone by. Today we're kicking it back to the halcyon days of the early 2000s, the days when your smart, geeky crush also came with a defined jawline and better hair than yours.

I'm excited, too, Adam.

The Basics

- Name: Adam Jared Brody
- Date of Birth:  December 15, 1979 (age 35)
- Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
- Educational Background: Scripps Ranch High School and Mira Costa College
- Trivia: Has fraternal twin brothers, plays the drums, and is only 14 years younger than Kelly Rowan aka Kirsten Cohen.

Where You’ve Seen Him

He's most famous for his role as Seth Cohen on The O.C., but you might have also seen him in Gilmore Girls, The League, Jennifer's Body, New Girl, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, among others. (I watched the rather terrible In The Land of Women solely for him, and, well, he was indeed the best part.)

Where You First Fell in Love

Adam (who I refer to as "the other Adam," for the benefit of my husband Adam) first appeared on my radar as everyone's favorite fake TV boyfriend, Dave Rygalski, on Gilmore Girls. HE READ THE ENTIRE BIBLE FOR LANE.

Where He’s Been

Recently, he's signed on to co-star in a sitcom called Billy & Billie -- about two stepsiblings who fall in love. I hope it's more Clueless and less Flowers in the Attic, because more Adam Brody on our screens is never a bad thing. He also appeared in Life Partners with his now-wife Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester, playing the love interest of a...lesbian? I haven't seen it, but it's now on the list.



Your Current Relationship Status

Adam Brody tends to stay off the radar, even though he's had quite a few roles since The O.C., so maybe you forgot about him until he and Leighton Meester made the news for getting married. (That was a sad day; Mandy W. and at least one of my book club friends sent me condolences.) But that's okay -- that just means he's in the news for good things, instead of dashing our dreams like so many fake celebrity boyfriends have. I declare all interested parties still in a fake relationship.


Still Up On Your Bedroom Wall


Oh hey.






To paraphrase Dumbledore and Snape: Even after all this time? Always.

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