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Teen Heartthrob Madness: The Bracket Reveal

The wild card votes have been tallied, and the Teen Heartthrob Madness bracket is set! Think you can predict who will win it all? Enter our bracket challenge to put your picks to the test!

Teen Heartthrob Madness: The Bracket Reveal

WHOA, Y'ALL. Teen Heartthrob Madness hasn't even officially started yet, and we already have one nail-biter in the books! Over the past two days, y'all chose Jordan Rodrigues as the winner of the wildcard vote, narrowly edging Shane West by 7 votes (2.16%) for the final spot in the tournament!

Jordan's reward for this hard-fought victory? Facing off against Baby Leo in the first round, WHOMP WHOMP. 

Here's what the bracket looks like now: 

Think you can predict the results of Teen Heartthrob Madness? Not only do we have a fillable PDF bracket for your IRL March Madness pool, but you can join other FYA readers in our bracket prediction challenge! (You didn't plan on doing any work the rest of the day, right? Right.)

To enter, save a copy of the spreadsheet bracket here (with additional instructions included), fill in your predictions, and send the completed sheet to [email protected] by 8am Central on Monday, March 2nd. (Please put "Teen Heartthrob Madness Predictions" in the subject line.) There juuuust might be something besides bragging rights for the person with the most accurate predictions... (Submissions no longer accepted.)

Which teen heartthrob do you think will become champion?

UPDATE: Round One voting is open through midnight CST on Saturday, March 7.

Tiger Beat Bracket 
Bop Bracket
J-14 Bracket
Seventeen Bracket

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