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YA Movie News Roundup: Dan Stevens Is The Beast To Emma Watson’s Beauty

Good lord, yes. Also Diablo Cody does Barbie and Allison Janney does PEREGRINE.

YA Movie News Roundup: Dan Stevens Is The Beast To Emma Watson’s Beauty

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup, where it's getting hot in here! Let's hop to. 

Dan Stevens, of Downton AbbeyThe Guest and my dreams fame, will play The Beast in Disney's live action version of Beauty and the Beast, in which Emma Watson plays Belle. THIS IS AWESOME. If you don't know how awesome it is, allow me to use several gifs from The Guest so you will know. And then go watch The Guest ASAP. 


Those last two - in which he carries TWO KEGS into a party like it's nothing - are courtesy of my dear pal and O.C. cohort Britt, who made them for me upon request just for this occasion.

Here's how Dan Stevens made the announcement: 


Here's how Emma Watson reacted: 


Oh yeah, and Luke Evans is our incredibly thick-necked Gaston!

In other live action Disney news, Cinderella reviews are rolling in and they're great. This makes sense, as I just saw the movie last night and it is WONDERFUL. Look for my drinking game post tomorrow!

As long as we're talking about movies exceeding expectations: Diablo Cody is taking over writing duties on the Barbie movie, and suddenly, I'm interested.

Our Royal Highness Allison Janney has joined Tim Burton's adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

And finally, J.K. Rowling tweeted a bunch of pics of kids and pets dressed up as Harry Potter characters, because we live in a delightful world.

That's it for this week - let us know how you feel about Dan Stevens' Jesus muscle below!

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