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Teen Heartthrob Madness: Seventeen, Round Two

Round Two's last bracket is Seventeen. This place has everything: paupers, vampires, ghosts, jocks, ex-stepbrothers, and mysterious loner dudes.

Teen Heartthrob Madness: Seventeen, Round Two

Last week, the Seventeen bracket produced the closest race of the opening round, with Jared Leto narrowly beating Ryan Phillippe by three (!!!) votes. What excitement will Round Two bring? Let's rock the vote to find out!

Here's a look at the updated bracket

(1) Leonardo DiCaprio vs. (8) Robert Pattinson

After a healthy TV career as a child actor, Leo started getting noticed by critics and swooning masses alike when he made the transition to film. The pinnacle of Leo's heartthrobbiness was undoubtedly his back-to-back years of playing Everyone's Tragic Boyfriend: broody Romeo Montague in Romeo + Juliet, then exuberant Jack Dawson in Titanic

Most audiences met R.Patz in an adaptation of a YA phenomenon that was itself a phenomenon: as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga.

As for who I'm choosing: well, I watched one of the aforementioned movies in the theatres at least three times, for which I later also owned the soundtrack and the VHS. Hint: no one sparkles in it, unless you count flashlights reflecting off frozen skin. (Dark!) I'LL NEVER LET GO, JACK. At least for this round.

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(5) Jared Leto vs. (4) Paul Rudd

Jared starred in a few small films in his teen heyday that I should check out immediately, like Cool and the Crazy with Alicia Silverstone (!), and The Last of the High Kings (or Summer Fling) with OMG Christina Ricci, punk rock, and possibly an Irish accent?! Of course, Jared's biggest teen claim to fame is leaning so great reading not so great portraying Mysterious Loner Dude extraordinaire Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life,

Paul first rose to stardom in the teen classic, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. JK, it was for Astronaut Mike Dexter Dave Paris in Romeo + Juliet. JK again, it was actually Mac and Me.* But for realsies, Paul won audiences and complicated feelings towards ex-stepsibling romances in Clueless.

*Also see link for videographic proof of his purported agelessness.

I haven't actually finished watching MSCL yet. (I know! I've only had 21 years to do so!) But even if I had, I think I'd still vote for Paul Rudd in this battle of soul-piercing blue eyes.

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(6) Michael B. Jordan vs. (3) Zac Efron

Following a memorable stint on The Wire, Michael bounced around TV world before landing on Friday Night Lights and then Parenthood. Over on the big screen, he tried on some superpowers (and not for the last time -- dun dun dunnnn!) for Chronicle. Clear eyes, full hearts, could Michael lose?

Zac's career trajectory feels like a throwback to the Mickey Mouse Club days of yore: a talented multihyphenate that bursts onto the teen sceen and finds even more success as a grownup. Melting hearts as early as Summerland (back when he still had gap teeth!), Zac became a full-fledged heartthrob with the teen trifecta of High School Musical, Hairspray, and 17 Again.

In this matchup between That Awkward Moment co-stars,** I'll have to go with Zefron. I'm sorry, Michael! ZAC SINGS AND DANCES. When's the last time you sang and danced for me?! (Btw, that's totally an invitation for y'all to submit your MBJ singing and dancing videos.)

**Yes, I shamelessly namedropped that movie just so I could link to those photos. And these GIFs.

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(7) Freddie Prinze, Jr. vs. (2) Devon Sawa

Freddie and his dimples knew what you did last summer, then they still knew what you did last summer the year after that. But it wasn't until the ugly-while-glasses genre-defining She's All That that Freddie reached teen leading man status.

It's come to my attention that some of y'all donnevenno who Devon Sawa is?! HOW CAN THIS BEEEEEEE, HOW HAS POP CULTURE FAILED YOU SO?!?? Although, to quote Alix upon my reciting of Devon's teen filmography, you may think, "I haven't seen any of those movies since I was like 8 or something." Which: fair. But if Devon Sawa truly escapes your memory, ALLOW ME TO ACQUAINT YOU WITH THE FLAXEN-HAIRED GOD OF MY CHILDHOOD.

You may have seen Devon in the coming-of-age film Now and Then as Christina Ricci's enemistrist and kissing partner (aka one of the many reasons I longed to be Christina Ricci for most of the '90s), or the nature flick Wild America with fellow Teen Heartthrob Madness competitor, JTT. Devon also starred in slightly older (and not as swoony) teenage movies like SLC Punk!, Idle Hands, and Final Destination

But the role that had so many fall in love with Devon -- the role that left an indelible mark on so many hearts -- only lasted one memorable scene. One dance. One callback. One friendly ghost whispering four little words.

The real question is: can Tween Me this bracket keep you, Devon? I sure hope so.

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Round Two voting closes on Saturday, March 15 at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday. So who do y'all hope will advance to the next round? Which matchup has you singing Natalie Imbruglia? Let us know in the comments!

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