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Team Wicken!

Although it sometimes might not seem like it, we do realize there are other excellent ships on The 100.

Team Wicken!

It’s been less than a week since the season finale of The 100 and I’m already going through withdrawals. My YouTube viewing history has filled up with swimfantages, I’ve begun following numerous GIF-filled Tumblrs, and I even started re-watching the show from the beginning, even though the first few episodes aren’t really that great. (Pro-Tip: The first season is on Netflix! But I might have just bought the Blu-Rays …) If you’re considering organizing an intervention, please just be sure to put Bob Morley on the invite list.

Thankfully, we here at FYA HQ have an outlet into which we can channel such obsessive feelings—the FYA Store! And because we realize that other ships on The 100 are way more healthy* than Bellarke, we’ve added a new design.


The #WICKEN merch comes in two versions: navy text and white text.

Perhaps our next design needs to be a Monsper Jasty Monty+Jasper shirt? #SelfFive!


And, don’t forget about all of our other (non-The 100) designs in the FYA Store. We offer a variety of products—not just T-shirts—including throw pillows, tote bags, postcards, phone cases, mugs and even baby onesies!

Don’t see anything you like? Leave a comment below with your idea, or shoot us an email. We’re always open to suggestions!

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