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The Originals 2x16: Save My Soul

Can anyone trust Freya?

The Originals 2x16: Save My Soul

Previously on The Originals: Hayley and Jackson! Gia and Elijah! Oh, and plot things: Finncent is gone, the owner of Rebekah’s body is evil, Jackson might not be an ideal leader, and Marcel is really, really hot.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

FLASHBACK!: Freya remembers how Dahlia told her that Esther gave her away because she didn’t want her. Harsh. But nothing, Dahlia says, is more important than family. Later, we learn that’s especially true because Dahlia’s power is linked to Freya’s, and Dahlia will almost certainly want to take Hope’s power for her own, too. Freya is immortal and cannot die – but, as she found out when she tried to kill herself while pregnant and grief stricken over the murder of her lover – that power doesn’t extend to any potential children of her own.

MARCEL’S DEAD SEXY DEN: Marcel tries to protect Rebekah from the witches who are hunting Eva Sinclair, former (and sometimes current) owner of Rebekah’s new body. Rebekah, being the delightful creature that she is, pushes Marcel aside to confront them on her own. Elijah shows up to buy Rebekah some time, and remind Josephine LaRue of their deal.

After that, Marcel shows up where Vincent is being held to inform him of just what’s been happening over the last 9 months, trying to get some information on Eva Sinclair, while Rebekah asks a very tired and snappish Davina for some help of her own. Eva keeps waking, making Rebekah wake up in unfamiliar places, having done unfamiliar things.

Back at Marcel’s home, Cami is helping herself to a drink and complaining about doing a favor for Marcel (my favorite form of passive aggression, oy). Turns out that she doesn’t want to chat with Vincent (except she totally does), but when he’s brought in, she wastes no time mentioning that Finn was “kind of obsessed with her.” Madam, you are no Regina George.

Vincent wants to know what Finn did, and what kind of enemies he made. Cami tries to tell him that he’ll be okay (which is a ridiculous thing to promise, have you met this show?).

Vincent confesses that he walked away from his coven in the Treme – and tells Cami that Marcel needs to get in there, because there’s something they need to know about Eva. Turns out that before Eva was put in the Fauline cottage, she was Vincent’s wife. Dun dun DUN.

KLAUS’ KLASSY KOMPOUND: Meeting a long-lost sister for a deep talk? Is she an insanely powerful witch who is the key to either your only child’s survival, or destruction? There’s a brunch invitation for that. Klaus is ready to hear what Freya has to say (oh his terms), in the event it could protect Hope.

Freya wants to team up with her siblings to kill Dahlia, so that she can be free of her aunt. She offers to help Rebekah suppress Eva’s spirit, to which Rebekah readily agrees. Klaus, on the other hand, responds to Freya’s sob story and rallying speech with a neck snap so the others can chat freely. Klaus isn’t wrong – just an episode or two ago, Freya was resurrecting Finncent for no discernible reason, and how do they know this virtual stranger will do what she says she will – but Rebekah and Elijah are less than amused.

In his mind, though, Klaus is protecting his siblings, because he thinks Freya is not telling the entire truth. She fires back with a warning that he can either ally with her and save his child or leave Hope to a life of slavery – and an ominous warning that he should rethink his alliances. Is this a wolf-pack betrayal foreshadowing, or is she referring to only herself?

BACK IN THE BAYOU: Jackson and Aiden are sparring, but Aiden is acting particularly aggressive – Aiden doesn’t like that Klaus is essentially leading them and Jackson is letting it happen. Hayley inquires with Jackson as to the source of his angst – he’s concerned that he isn’t good enough for the honor of being alpha, but Hayley reminds him that he is no longer in it alone. They appear genuinely affectionate and sweet, which is a fun contrast from Elijah and Hayley’s more tempestuous affair. (I don’t trust the writers not to flip things around on us, but I like this while it lasts.)

Later, back at the compound, Hayley tries to tell Klaus to show Jackson some respect, but he flies off the handle and tells her that he is not only in charge of the wolves, but the only person in charge of their daughter’s safety. This will go over so well with Hayley, I am sure.

It might be too late, though… it seems as though Dahlia might already have found Hope. Let’s hope the tiniest Mikaelson will show her great-aunt who’s boss.

The Original Mythology

- Witches from the Treme “are a little bit of a harder breed” than we’ve seen before, apparently.
- Dahlia lives one year per century, and can kill entire villages with a wave of her hand.

The Original Body Count

- An entire warehouse of dead teenage witches – including Davina?!

The Original Elegant Uncle Elijah Ruined Suit Count: 4.5

- The suit remained pristine. I’m disappointed.

The Original WTF

- Josephine LaRue’s eyes – real, or contacts? They look real but they’re so uncanny.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award For Tortured Hot People

MARCEL. That speech to Rebekah about being the strongest of the Mikaelsons, paired with his pretty, pretty face and his deep delightful voice? Is it hot in here? Is he the single person on this planet who can pull off a “milady?” (Do you think he might pull off his shirt soon?)

Next episode: It’s a showdown with Eva, Rebekah, and all the witches in New Orleans.

So, what did you think? Who has less-than-pristine motives here? When will Dahlia make her presence known? Will Hope rise from the cradle and start kicking ass, baby-ninja-style? See you in two weeks!

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