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The PAPER TOWNS Trailer Is Here!

Needs more Radar.

The PAPER TOWNS Trailer Is Here!

The next adaptation of a John Green novel (read my review here) arrives on July 24th, and we finally have a trailer to obsess over:

Initial thoughts:

- They nailed it with the casting. From her fierce beauty to the whiff of crazy, Cara Delevingne is Margo. Nat Wolff, of course, rocks the geek, and my boy Radar is looking good. (But would it have killed them to give him a line in the trailer?)

- I feel like I just saw the entire first 30 minutes of the movie, i.e. the night that Margo crawls through Quentin's door. That's cool and all, but MOAR ROAD TRIP.

- The studio is definitely trying to give this movie a TFIOS vibe, and while I understand the marketing strategy behind that, I hope Paper Towns feels like a different film. The book was good enough to stand on its own, and the movie should follow suit.

- Nat Wolff is twenty, i.e. legal. You're welcome.

So, what do y'all think? Will the film do justice to the novel? Are Nat and Cara your Quentin and Margo? Let's convo!

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