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Teen Heartthrob Madness: Tiger Beat, Elite Eight

The Tiger Beat bracket has come down to two: Justin vs. Joshua.

Teen Heartthrob Madness: Tiger Beat, Elite Eight

Welcome to week four of Teen Heartthrob Madness! We’re getting down to the wire, guys—only eight men remain as contenders for our extremely coveted title. Yesterday, we shared the results of the Sweet Sixteen, in which eight less-worthy gents were beaten in some very close races. But we’re not here to talk about them!

Here’s what the Tiger Beat bracket looks like now:

Last week, we took a look at what the heartthrobs did in their post-teenage (or post-acting-as-a-teenager) years. For this week’s matchups, we’re taking a deep dive into fandom, and sharing fun/crazy/entertaining stories that involve the heartthrobs and their fans (which, in some cases, might even be us).

(1) Justin Timberlake vs. (2) Joshua Jackson

I shared this story in the comments section of an earlier Teen Heartthrob Madness post (and possibly previously on a different post), but it proves that Justin Timberlake was one of my earliest pop-culture crushes.

I started really getting into boy bands, ‘N SYNC in particular, during my freshman year in high school. Also in my freshman year in high school, this crazy trend called email hit my small, southern Oregon hometown, and I created for myself my first Hotmail address. It was … [email protected] Baby blue just so happens to have been Justin Timberlake’s favorite color at the time. (I think because he was a fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels?) Additionally, I once sent him a fan letter/birthday card on baby blue stationery.

I never got a reply.

(The latter half of the address came thanks to a cool upperclassman who, because I wore a lot of colorful necklaces, told me I looked like a candy raver. I had never, and have never, been to a rave. But because she was a cool upperclassmen, it was the BIGGEST of compliments.)

I don’t have any personal stories about Joshua Jackson, but I was at San Diego Comic Con during Pacey-Con:

Sadly, I was likely camping in Hall H when this all went down.

(During my research, I also found a Robert Downey Jr./Joshua Jackson fanfic—yes, you read that right—but was a little afraid to actually read it. I’m linking it for you here, but am also including a disclaimer: READ THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Who gets your vote?

Check back tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday for the rest of the matchups. And be sure to cast your votes for the entirety of the Elite Eight round by this Saturday (March 29) at midnight; we’ll post the results Sunday.

Do you have a fun fan story? Please share in the comments!

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