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iZombie 1x05: Flight Of The Living Dead

Liv is still dead, but that doesn't stop a love triangle from springing to life!

iZombie 1x05: Flight Of The Living Dead

Previously on iZombie, Liv got involved with an Asian gang, Major took his shirt off and Zombie!Sark started a lucrative black market brain business.

Sadly, there was no Zombie!Sark in this episode, but there WAS a new (zombie) love interest!

The Brain

Holly White, who got kicked out of her sorority by Liv and Peyton (among others) for living too large, died in an appropriately extreme fashion - impaling herself on a tree in the midst of skydiving. She was with a group sponsored by Max Rager, an energy drink, and there's plenty of motives to go around. Was it Carson (Ryan Hansen!!), her on and off again boyfriend, who was secretly having an affair with another guy? Or was it angsty musician Lowell Casey, who totally freaked out right before the dive?  

The Real Monster

Psyche! It was none of the above! Max Rager executive Eliza Marquette, worried that Holly would leak an email about Max Rager turning certain consumers into psychos, used Carson's blank prescription pad to get a hold of some GHB, which she then used to drug Holly right before the jump.

But when Clive and crew show up to make the arrest, she has mysteriously disappeared... along with the shower curtain. #ZombieMoves

Gifts from Beyond

Thanks to Holly's brain, Liv becomes a bit of an adrenaline junkie. She rides her bike really fast! She lets a boy flirt with her! And then tells him she'll give him a call! Damn, girl, you are living ON THE EDGE.

Life of the Dead

Major is still on the search for Jerome and his friend Eddie, neither of whom have been seen for a few days. He enlists Clive's help, and when the latter heads to the skate park, he discovers posters for dozens of missing kids. But when Clive brings the case to the Lieutenant, he dismisses it... because HE'S A ZOMBIE WHAT. To make matters worse, Major checks out the skate park and spies Jerome's American flag Converse on the feet of Zombie!Sark's henchman, who goes into Full On Zombie Mode and pummels Major's beautiful face. NOT COOL, DUDE.

Lowell Casey seems to have the hots for Liv, but it's not until he mixes her a super spicy cocktail that she realizes he's a zombie too! Major notices the sparks between them, and he's not the only one. This chemistry is definitely not undead!

Words With a Bite

"Bowls of spaghetti are my porn." - The Lieutenant (And now we know why!)

"The perks of dating a zombie? That's the movie with the About a Boy kid, right?" - Liv
"That's Warm Bodies." - Lowell

"Oh, was the zombie subject in question hot?" - Ravi

Eating Smart

We didn't get any brain food montages, but the message is clear - four out of five zombies recommend hot sauce.

Picking Your Brain

- So, did certain cases of Max Rager contain that zombie drug?

- Which zombie ate Eliza - Zombie!Sark or Lowell?

- Did anyone else think Major was going to be in that body bag? DON'T PLAY ME LIKE THAT, SHOW!

- Lowell - super hot or super emo?

- Can Ryan Hansen be a regular on this show? Pretty please?

Join me in the comments to discuss! Also, did anyone else wonder if Lowell was named after Chris Lowell? #TeamPiz

Next episode: "Virtual Reality Bites"


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