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The Originals 2x19: When the Levee Breaks

Another day, another daggering. 

The Originals 2x19: When the Levee Breaks

Previously on The Originals: Dahlia makes her first appearance, and Klaus kills Mikael just as they were approaching Odd Couple levels of delightfulness.

Aiden, we hardly knew ye.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

There are times where this show makes my recapping gig all too easy, and this is one of those episodes. Essentially, it can be boiled down to a few sentences: Dahlia turns everyone against Klaus. Hayley and Jackson make their escape. Cami unsuccessfully provides therapy for a thousand year old vampire. Aiden dies.

Cue the record scratch! Wait, what? But as soon as he and Josh said their “I love yous,” you knew it was coming, and if you had any doubt, Davina’s line about “someone should get a happy ending” sealed the deal.

It’s a damn shame that the show’s cutest couple has been reduced by 50%, but it was a Machiavellian move by Dahlia. She made it appear that Klaus had murdered Aiden, who confessed to Jackson that he’d been spying for Klaus. Everyone believed Klaus did it, and he even claimed responsibility – not wanting to look weak.

Let’s backtrack. After last episode, in which Klaus killed Mikael, Freya decides that everyone has to choose between her and Klaus. Elijah rightfully points out that this is an empty threat (she either fights with them for her freedom, or fights alone and spends eternity alone, too), and Freya seems to go along with it. Also, Klaus’ celebratory brunch looked delicious. He had mimosas!

Meanwhile, Dahlia’s lurking around, whistling creepy tunes, landscaping inside Marcel’s jazz club (dahlias, natch), and reanimating Josephine’s corpse to send warnings to her nieces and nephews.  It is to Claudia Black’s credit that this comes off as genuinely creepy instead of campy. (She, like Josephine LaRue, is so beautiful and otherworldly without needing any special effects. And I want to know what lipstick she was wearing.)

As Dahlia haunts Hayley and makes threats, Cami is sent by Elijah to counsel Klaus. This goes about as well as it has the other fifteen times she has attempted it, but it does elicit Klaus’ logic on why he doesn’t trust Freya: if Mikael, who raised him, still rubbed off on him, doesn’t it follow that Dahlia, who raised Freya, would rub off on her, too? Frankly, he’s right, but as usual, he does his lone-wolf business and that is why Dahlia was able to turn everyone against him so easily.

Davina, for her part, uses the magic manacles (stolen by Aiden under a truly terrible ruse) that harness a witch’s power to create a magic-suppressing bracelet for Hope. This is supposed to keep Dahlia from being able to track the baby’s magic. Handy, because Elijah agrees to buy Hayley and Jackson some time as they escape to the bayou. I still think this is a stupid plan, but they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, so you can’t blame them for trying.

Finally, Davina provides the dagger she and Kol made that will kill? Disable? Temporarily inconvenience? Klaus, and the remaining Original siblings agree (with Marcel) that it’s time to “put him down” like a dog. And so they do, in the final scene, while church bells all over town echo Dahlia’s tune.

Gee, what could go wrong?

The Original Mythology

- Klaus has hidden Mikael’s ashes in his paint, which is particularly delightful after Mikael sniped at him last episode regarding his “art.”

- Dahlia will collect Hope at nightfall the next day – not sure if there’s any particular significance to this time and date.

The Original Body Count

- Aiden! No!

- Klaus – dead permanently? Not according to the next promo.


The Original Elegant Uncle Elijah Ruined Suit Count: 5.5

- Our hero remains pristine.


The Original WTF

- Klaus’ siblings cannot SERIOUSLY think daggering Klaus is a good idea. First of all, he’s an all-powerful hybrid who wants to protect his daughter. (Sure, he goes about it in ways that they disapprove of, but THE BABY IS STILL ALIVE, so…) Second, when they un-dagger him, and you know they will because they miss his dulcet tones and snippy one-liners, he is going to be So. Pissed. For all the preaching they do about wanting everyone to get along, they’re just as guilty of making stupid choices.

- Cami coming to ask Klaus if he really killed Aiden: good lord, she has no survival instinct, does she?


The Original Joseph Morgan Award For Tortured Hot People

I love the glint in Klaus’ eye when he is particularly maniacal. He is one of those characters who would make a terrible boyfriend, but damn if you wouldn't have a great time behind closed doors. Not that I give this any particular thought or anything.

Next episode: Dahlia is coming for Hope.

So what did you think? Still speculating that Freya is in league with Dahlia somehow? 

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