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YA Movie News Roundup: Is STAR WARS YA?

Plus a FULL HOUSE revival, PAN's release date is pushed, THE YOUNG ELITES is optioned and more!

YA Movie News Roundup: Is STAR WARS YA?

Welcome back to the YA Movie News roundup, where the most exciting movie news isn't young adult, but YA nerds and Star Wars nerds often overlap in delightful ways, so here's your place to gush over that INCREDIBLE trailer.

Let's watch it for the five dozenth time!

Over at BAD, I posted all two hundred of the best screengrabs from the trailer.

Also at BAD, Devin reported from Star Wars Celebration that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy decried the franchise's lack of female representation and promised that's changing.

Furthermore at BADFull House is being revived on Netflix as Fuller House. Nostalgia party!

Additionally at BAD, today's Tomorrowland trailer has finally, FINALLY got my attention. Because robots. 

Finally at BAD, Sid wrote some wonderful, in-depth analysis of Pretty Little Liars

Pan has been pushed back to October 9th from its original July 24 date. Is this because Paper Towns was pushed to July 24 and Pan didn't want to compete? Not officially, at least:

Director Joe Wright stated: “As you might expect, the fantastical story of Peter Pan involves very complex effects and I did not want to compromise on quality in finishing the film. This allows me and my team the time to complete the movie and tell the story the way it should be told.”

Fox has optioned Marie Lu's fantasy novel The Young Elites. Read Mandy W's FYA review here.

The book ... centers on the survivors of a deadly plague called the blood fever. Many of the teens that survive have been physically transformed and discover that they've acquired special powers. This secret group of gifted teens is called the Young Elites, and their lives are threatened by a group called the Inquisition Axis, which is seeking to destroy them.

Lu's book focuses a young woman, Adelina Amouteru, who, post-plague, has silver hair and only a jagged scar where her left eye once was. When a secret society that strives to protect the Young Elite finds Adelina, it discovers she has powers like they’ve never seen before.

Anna Kendrick's publishing a collection of funny autobiographical essays, and obviously everyone on earth will buy it. Also in Kendrick news: if her tweets were motivational posters

All this John Green/Maggie Stiefvater car stuff eludes me because I drive a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, but here you go. The Pig's on auction, and also this:


Dom Sherwood has been cast as Jace on Shadowhunters

In case you missed it last week, I posted an interview with iZombieVeronica Mars and Party Down creator Rob Thomas.

And finally, we're all gutted to lose Jonathan Crombie, our forever Gilbert Blythe. Posh wrote a beautiful tribute saying farewell.

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