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A DANCE ACADEMY Movie Is Happening


A DANCE ACADEMY Movie Is Happening

So last night on Twitter, this happened:


According to this article, the movie will follow Tara as she continues to pursue her ballet dreams. But we all know who the true star of the film will be-- OUR GIRL ABIGAIL.

And before you start to worry that our beloved show will lose something in the translation to screen, know that Sam Strauss is writing the screenplay. We're in good hands, people.

So it's totally okay to FREAK THE EFF OUT because all of our fervent prayers paid off and the ballet angels are singing and IS THIS REAL LIFE OR HEAVEN? Because if it's heaven, I'm going to look for [spoiler redacted].

Now the question is: how long do we have to wait to experience this magnificence?

p.s. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this post and get your ass to Netflix pronto.

p.p.s. With two episodes left to go, I never completed my Dance Academy recaps, because I just couldn't handle the idea of writing a final post about the show. I guess this means I can finish them!

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