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The Originals 2x20: City Beneath the Sea

Dahlia makes a compelling case for holding up Esther's bargain.

The Originals 2x20: City Beneath the Sea

Previously on The Originals: Dahlia turns everyone against Klaus by killing Aiden. Jackson and Hayley go on the run.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama


Dahlia and Klaus are just hangin’ out in Dahlia’s memories. A little quality time with your powerful witch-aunt, her killer boots, and menswear-inspired outfits sounds like fun. (Seriously. Give me her outfit and also the power to pull it off.) She shows him how Vikings slaughtered their whole village, but for her and Esther, and how they kept her in captivity to perform dark magic. And then Esther’s like, see ya! Mikael wants to marry me! Which does not fly well with her sister.

The point of all this, of course, is to show Klaus that they can be allies – that like Freya, when Hope grows up, she will be far more powerful than an average witch. She won’t be able to control her own power, which is capable of causing her pain, stirring up storms, and making dead birds fall out of the sky – only worse, because Hope has vampire and wolf blood. And like Klaus, Dahlia thinks she has been abandoned and painted as the villain of the story. (I can’t help but remark again that Claudia Black is such a good choice for Dahlia – like Joseph Morgan, she’s really good at selling the powerful-but-wounded character.)

Dahlia’s honest: she doesn’t want family, she wants power. Now she realizes that Freya turned on her because Dahlia denied her the company of her parents, she promises to allow Klaus to be Hope’s father while she trains Hope. This…actually makes sense, and I’m into it. Of course, the catch is, Hayley will have to die, because she will never allow this to happen.

Dahlia wakes Klaus up, and he undaggers himself.

Back in the real world, Freya is a little obsessed with Hope being back. In fact, she wants to use Hope as bait, and Elijah is skeptical. Freya insists that Elijah can’t stop her from getting the baby, while the others try to figure out a way to make a Hope decoy to trick Dahlia.

Marcel is trying to protect Rebekah and keep her away from the Dahlia fight, notably because her body is still linked to the teenage witches Eva captured. He brings Vincent in to undo the spell, and Vincent vows this will be the last time. In fact, when Elijah shows up with Cami and some dark objects, Vincent informs Elijah that he’s only here to help the kids and Rebekah – other than that, he’s done with magic. Elijah only lets him leave when Cami points out Davina can help them, too.

As Cami goes on a coffee run, she harangues Vincent about performing magic. He compares it to carrying a loaded gun with a hair trigger, and wants no part of it anymore – even though the coven needs a new leader. But he has written down the instructions to unlink the spell, and conveniently writes down some more suggestions for making a Hope decoy.

In the bayou, Jackson builds a memorial and digs a grave for Aiden, but Hayley isn’t having it. She insists on a true Crescent pack funeral, as Josh mourns back in New Orleans. As the funeral proceeds through the woods, Hayley and Jackson trade stories of being angry wolf children (I’m not quite sure what the point of that was).

Elijah shows up in the bayou with a request for a vial of Hope’s blood, which Hayley allows (after Jackson thumps his chest and growls threatening but ultimately ineffectual things). When Elijah leaves, Jackson tells Hayley that he cannot go back to living in Klaus’ home and be a good pack leader – so who is her real family? At the funeral, Hayley responds that Jackson and the pack is her family now, and Hope doesn’t need to be a Mikaelson. Then Josh shows up to say goodbye, and we are all very sad that half of that couple is gone for good. But the Viking bayou funeral is pretty awesome.

Back at the compound, Elijah shoots Freya up with Hope’s blood – now Freya is the Hope decoy. She’s none too pleased about this, and it appears that Elijah and Klaus might have been right to distrust her motives.

As Klaus overhears Hayley’s voicemail saying goodbye, we all know what’s going to happen next: he denounces his family and teams up with Dahlia, who is not fooled by the Hope decoy. Because nothing is going to come between Klaus and his daughter, which sounds like the beginning of a really healthy father/daughter relationship.

Hayley and Hope, modeling stylish baby-wrap-carrier-thingies for the tri-brid baby in your life!

The Original Mythology

- Hope will have more power than Dahlia and Freya, because of her vampire/wolf/witch lineage.

The Original Body Count

- No one died. What?!

The Original Elegant Uncle Elijah Ruined Suit Count: 5.5

- Elijah remains pristine, even after tossing around some werewolves in the bayou. What?!

The Original WTF

- While I agree that Hayley is correct about the Mikaelson lineage and family name, she MUST know that taking her daughter on the run is not only a death sentence for her, but Jackson and the entire pack! Dude, remember who you are dealing with!

The Original Joseph Morgan Award For Tortured Hot People

I have SUCH a crush on Dahlia. Her outfits, her voice, her charisma. And the ability to walk around in those boots without pain.

Next episode: Klaus goes after Hayley and Hope, and it doesn’t look like things are going to end well.

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