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FYA JAM: You Can Leave Your Hat On

In honor of the upcoming masterpiece Magic Mike XXL, we've cobbled together a playlist that Mike & company would be proud of.

FYA JAM: You Can Leave Your Hat On

Here at FYA HQ, we strive to bring you the content that's most relevant to your life. We're fans of hard-bodied hard-hitting journalism, but we also recognize that there's a time and place for shirtless entertainment, too. Like you, we are dedicated patrons of the theater, even donating our hard-earned money to lesser-known groups (for example, the up-and-coming Chippendales) so as to really support the arts.

We know you're also interested in helping out small, independent films -- so to get you excited for what we think will be the Other Greatest Movie Of Our Generation, Mandy W. and I have made a playlist inspired by our time with real, live, cheestastic male dancers. 

These songs have either appeared in Magic Mike, various Chippendales shows, both, or we just think they're appropriate -- but feel free to check our work. (Probably NSFW, unless you work in a nightclub.)

1. "I'm Too Sexy" -- Right Said Fred

Mandy W.: Low-hanging fruit! (Erm, so to speak.)

Jennie: Let's pour one out for the poor guys who are too sexy for their shirts. I hope they live in warm weather climes.

2. "SexyBack" -- Justin Timberlake

Jennie: Other things the Chippendales bring back include but are not limited to: tearaway costumes, ripped wifebeaters, elaborate boy-band-themed routines.

3. "Hero" -- Enrique Iglesias

Jennie: So, this song is actually a Chippendales routine, with Navy officer uniforms and patriotic boxers...

4. "In The Navy" -- The Village People

Jennie: ...but I like this one better. Put a little pep in your step, boys!

5. "It's Raining Men" -- The Weather Girls


6. "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)" -- Big & Rich

Mandy W.: YES, ALL OF THIS. During #FYADoesVegas 2015, we all shared what theme we had hoped to see at Chippendales, and I picked cowboy. (The Albertan in me is showing through!)

Jennie: This was probably my favorite routine. Who doesn't like a sexy cowboy? (Link probably NSFW.)

7. "Feels Like The First Time" -- Foreigner

Jennie: You'll never forget your first time seeing men objectify themselves for a hefty fee.

8. "Old Time Rock N Roll" -- Bob Seger

Jennie: You guessed it: Tom Cruise inspired this routine.

9. "Jailhouse Rock" -- Elvis Presley

Jennie: Yes, there really is an elaborate Chippendales routine to this song.

10. "Smooth Criminal" -- Michael Jackson

Jennie: See above. I bet you didn't think that this song was about 1920s mobsters so upset about being mobsters that they have to take their shirts off and dance, but it's true.

11. "Cherry Pie" -- Warrant

Mandy W.: I feel like the kind of stripper that would use this song are the ones that go all out -- pole licking, floor crawling. Basically, any of Jessie Spano's moves in Showgirls.

12. "Alone in the Dark" -- John Hiatt

Mandy W.: The song from the True Lies Jamie Lee Curtis dance! Although, to be honest, I now associate Danceoke from Forever Fest 2014 with this, too.

13. "You Can Leave Your Hat On" -- Joe Cocker

Jennie: ...you wouldn't want your head to get cold.

14. "Big Spender" -- Peggy Lee

Jennie: A classic.

15. "Uptown Funk" -- Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson

Mandy W.: THE THEME SONG OF #FYADOESVEGAS 2015. Also because we discovered the Harry Potter parody while we were there.

Jennie: Too hot! Hot damn.

16. "My Humps" -- Black Eyed Peas

Mandy W.: My BFF and I once to translate the chorus to French during class. I'm sure our teacher would have been proud of our proper conjugation.

17. "Pony" -- Ginuwine


Jennie: It's getting real. It's getting real...

18. "Hot in Herre" -- Nelly

Jennie: ...hot in herre. So take off all your clothes.

19. "Dirrty" -- Christina Aguilera

Mandy W.:  Remember the pearl-clutching when this video came out? Oh, 2002, you were so innocent. And omg, no other song on this list has this as a claim to fame in its Wiki entry

[The] "Dirrty" music video has been credited as the origin of the dance move now known as the slutdrop.

20. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" -- Eve f/ Gwen Stefani

Mandy W.: Monica Gellar's stripper song! I remember catching that the uncensored version was actually playing in the background. (They said "shit" -- how scandalous!)

21. "Promiscuous" -- Nelly Furtado f/ Timbaland

Mandy W.: The Steve Nash shout-out gives me secondhand embarrassment. I know they're friends and both from Victoria and whatnot, but that's a particularly painful rhyme.

22. "Get Ur Freak On" -- Missy Elliott

Mandy W.:  Also acceptable from the catalog of Miss E.: "Work It", which was already featured in one of our previous jams. Either way, my kingdom for the ability to dance to either of these songs. 

23. "Dance For You" -- Beyonce

Mandy W.: Because I am a Dorktimus Prime, I actually Googled "best stripper songs" for this occasion. Here was one such suggestion.

Jennie: You are very thoughtful. I just "refreshed my memory" with Chippendales/Magic Mike videos.

24. "Drop It Like It's Hot" -- Snoop Dogg and Pharrell

Mandy W.: Well. You heard the man.

25. "My Neck, My Back" (NSFW!!!) -- Khia

Mandy W.: I remember hearing maybe even a clean version of this when it came out, and it was still the dirtiest song I had heard at that point. (Well, I should hope so, since I was like 14. BUT STILL.)

Jennie: Once, I was making out with a date in a bar (what, I was young) when this song came on, and even though he looked and sounded exactly like Adam Brody -- and was a massage therapist AND A SURFER -- I had to pause to marvel at how truly incredible these lyrics are.

26. I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) -- T-Pain

Mandy W.: Thematically appropriate.

Jennie: But will they love us back?


That's it for this playlist! Would you add anything to our list?

Jennie's photo About the Author: Jennie Kendrick lives in San Francisco and has an excessive fondness of historical fiction, spreadsheets, turquoise sparkly things, and bourbon. She is also a literary agent. When she's not reading, writing, or writing about reading, she cooks obsessively, and thrifts for vintage everything.