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YA Movie News Roundup: CLUELESS And THE O.C. Musicals!

Plus a new Spidey, more FANTASTIC BEASTS casting and more!

YA Movie News Roundup: CLUELESS And THE O.C. Musicals!

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup! Slow news week on the YA front, but plenty of YA-adjacent news to keep us going!

FIRST: A Clueless musical has been confirmed by Our Lady Amy Heckerling, praise be. 

“I’ve written what they call ‘the book,’ and it’s a jukebox musical,” Heckerling said. Since the film spawned a beloved soundtrack, Heckerling’s remarks hopefully portend a live rendition of “Kids in America” on the Great White Way.

Excited fans should know that it might be a while before they can line up for tickets, though. Heckerling cautioned that the process of developing the musical is a slow one. “Everything goes so slowly,” she said. “I thought movies took a long time.”

Aaaand here's more news on The OC musical front. Follow Britt's and my The OC Rewatch Project here

The plot is unclear at the moment, but it seems like the production will center on many of the classic characters, including Luke Ward and Kirsten Cohen. (Oddly enough, Josh Schwartz, the TV show's creator, will also be a character in the musical.) The project is coming from the same team behind Cruel Intentions: The Musical and is slated for a one-night-only run August 30 in L.A. 

We have our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, and our new Spidey director, Cop Car's Jon Watts. Last week I spoke with Cop Car star Kevin Bacon and asked him what he thought about Watts' hiring!

And finally, Ezra Miller is in talks to join JK Rowling's Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Man, there's a lot of prestigious casting around this movie.

That's it for this week - give us your thoughts downstairs!

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