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FYA JAM: Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Because summer days are just meant for doing nothing but lying around and listening to music, you know? 

FYA JAM: Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Well, here we are in the dog days of summer.* I don't know about y'all, but I've already devoted many a hot afternoon to being a sloth. (No, really. I spread out on the couch and just lie there. I'm too lazy to even nap.) And it's in that spirit that this month's mixtape has been compiled: JUST SUMMER. With a few shout-outs to Jennie's home state! (And even one to my home province! Which is blessedly not Nickelback!)

*For us Northern Hemisphere folk, anyway. Hi, Southern Hemisphere friends!

1.  "California Love" - 2Pac, Roger, Dr. Dre

Jennie:  If you haven't driven down Sunset while blasting this song, you haven't been...well, a dorky person like I was. Am.

2.  "Feel Good Inc" - Gorillaz

Jennie:  I have no idea what "Feel Good Inc." means, but it sounds like something you should be doing in the summer.

3.  "Summer Girls" - LFO

Mandy W.:  BECAUSE I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON. And because summer isn't complete without girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch. 

Jennie:  OMG you ARE horrible. *covers ears*

Mandy W.:  You say this like I should be surprised.

4.  "California Gurls" - Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

Mandy W.:  Because a cupcake bra is the perfect snack for the lazy gentlewoman. 

5.  "Classic" - MKTO

Mandy W.:  I started paying attention to MKTO when I cast one of them for a book report, and of course I ended up digging their song that's all about throwbacks to the past. 

6.  "Heaven" - Matt Bomer

Mandy W.: I can literally listen to this on infinite repeat -- and I have. This and his "Untitled" cover are already the most played songs of mine this summer. And I've only been listening to them since July 1st. I may have mentioned this before, but I sometimes listen to the same song over and over -- like, play count sometimes breaking 1000 -- without getting sick of it. I have a Spotify playlist called "Bomertastic: XXL" with these two songs for just this purpose.

7.  "Geronimo" - Sheppard

Mandy W.:  Your soundtrack for diving headfirst into adventuuuuure! Which, I realize, is the antithesis of the lazy theme. So dive headfirst into a pillow or something. 

8.  "Every Day Should Be a Holiday" - The Dandy Warhols

Jennie:  The smartest life philosophy I've ever heard.

Mandy W.:  Aside for those who work in education, it's sad that being a grownup means no more summer holidays! Nowadays, summer is just like, oh, another Tuesday. 

9.  "Giving Up the Gun" - Vampire Weekend

Mandy W.:  This is one of those songs whose lyrics I've never paid attention to before, and then I discover that it's about Japanese industrialization, naturally. I also can't not mention the music video, which takes place at a tennis tournament (!!!) with notable athletes Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas. (Jake's shorts! Jake's thighs!)

10.  "Worlds On Fire" - Zerbin

Mandy W.:  For those hot, hot, hot summer days! Which, of course, isn't exactly what the lyrics mean. But whatevs, this is a fun track by a great band from my city!

11.  "Catch the Sun" - Doves

Jennie:  Catch the sun before it's gone! (And before it starts getting dark at 5pm, oh god, I hate winter -- which is at odds with my love of coats.)

Mandy W.:  Wait a minute -- California can get dark at 5pm, too?! I thought that was more of a northern thing (and I don't mean NorCal). But yes, I'll miss my sunlight-until-midnight days when it's winter. Even if, much like you, I do love my chilly weather clothing and accessories.

12.  "Lust For Life" - Iggy Pop

Jennie:  It's easy to have a lust for life when the sun's out (and if you're watching Magic Mike XXL for the third time, the buns are out, too)

13.  "I Heart California" - Admiral Radley

Jennie:  A song celebrating all of California's finest offerings, such as fake boobs, drugs in diaper bags, and truck stops. (Are those exclusive to California, though?)

14.  "The Way We Get By" - Spoon

Jennie:  One of the most listlessly-lyriced, cheerful-sounding songs ever.

15.  "Give It to the People" - The Child of Lov

Jennie:  Another lazy crazy delightful selection from the Magic Mike XXL soundtrack. It's the perfect tempo for doing wine-glass bicep curls. And lift and sip and lift and sip and lift and sip!

Mandy W.:  In case we haven't been clear enough yet: EVERYBODY GO SEE MAGIC MIKE XXL. AND THEN GO SEE IT AGAIN.

16.  "Locked In a Cage" - Brick + Mortar

Jennie:  Best enjoyed while NOT being locked in a cage.

Mandy W.:  Well, I'm sure you'd change your tune (ha) if there was BDR routine set in a cage. 

17.  "Summertime Sadness" - Lana Del Rey

Mandy W.:  Because sadness is important, too! (Guess who just saw Inside Out last night, y'all.)

Jennie:  I love this song's dreaminess.

18.  "Cecilia and the Satellites" - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Mandy W.:  Omg no wonder I love this song -- it's by the same guy from Jack's Mannequin! But anyway, shout-out to everyone named Cecilia who get to claim this lovely and dreamy song as their own. (If you feel like getting emotional, read the story behind the song and watch the video.)

And because Spotify U.S. is often at odds with my Canadian tastes: have an extra song!

So what's on your summer playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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