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#YASummerShowdown 2015, Week 6: Fortune Favours the Bold

The Showdown superstars take the stage!

#YASummerShowdown 2015, Week 6: Fortune Favours the Bold

Previously: Loud and Proud

Now that KarYAoke's in the books, we can finally start singing the praises of the Showdown teams' hard work!

Puzzle 6: Before and YAfter

For Puzzle 6, teams solved Jeopardy!-style clues that combined the plots of two YA novels with single-word titles. Can you figure out the answers? (Check here to see if you're correct!)

Challenge 3: Postcard Promposal Reveal

With the start of the final challenge today, the promposal pairings from Challenge 3 can finally be revealed! Check 'em all out here, incl. the winners of best names (ATLFYA, LEXFYA, CSGFYA, KCFYA, FYAON, and SEAFYA) and best promposals (AVLFYA, ATLFYA, CSGFYA, KCFYA, PGHFYA, and FYAVWA).

Challenge 4: KarYAoke

The Challenge 4 KarYAoke songs and performances are in! Here are the lyrics and videos that our honourary gamemakers from SFFYA have chosen as their faves. 

We want to give special shoutouts to London and Charlotte, with their brave solo singers!

The lyrics bonuses were especially hard to distribute, because there were a lot of clever parodies, but there were two that absolutely required singing along: "YA Girl" by PGHFYA and "Beauty Queens" by CSGFYA.

I’m a YA girl
Live in a future world
Life in Districts
It’s no picnic
Yes, I volunteer
It will make me dear
To the nation
I’ll be their salvation

-- From PGHFYA's "YA Girl"

We are the Beauty Queens
Hope to be the next Miss Teen Dream
Beauty Queens, more to us than just what you see
Pirates, snakes, corporate spies
Somehow we’ve got to survive
Do that turn, primp and preen
We are the Beauty Queens

-- From CSGFYA's "Beauty Queens"

We absolutely loved watching everyone and hearing your hilarious renditions, but for sheer laughter, panache, and production, we've got to hand it to Vancouver, BC; Orlando North; and Asheville.

(And because SFFYA enjoyed the videos so much, we bumped up the total video bonuses they could give out from +20 to +35!)

No one could stop laughing during Vancouver's video, particularly when people were forced to walk by them (politely ignoring them until they could get on the train and safely watch). We also loved Orlando North's bravery for singing to (and recruiting) ACTUAL TEENS (whom we all agree are terrifying but in this case also adorable), and Asheville, you had our hearts with your synchronized NKOTB dancing.

FYAVBC: Winner of the Token Boy Award for Dazzling Showgirlship

FYAON YAngelizes with actual YAs!

AVLFYA has the right stuff!

Thank you for playing along! You all have, in the words of Asheville, the YA Stuff.

Check out all of the KarYAoke goodness here, and watch for a KarYAoke mystery reprise on SFFYA! And in the spirit of pandering to our honourary gamemakers, I enlisted in the help of Jennie's pal, Trent, to try my hand at KarYAoke as well.

Photo Hunt Highlights


PGHFYA is feeling All the Rage.

NYCFYA's Armada.

NYCFYA keeps beasts, too. (Beastkeeper)

Beware the Wild, ATLFYA!

GASP -- that's not a real horse! ATLFYA stumbled onto A Conspiracy of Kings


CSGFYA takes on the cover for Dead to Me

CSGFYA found Fantastic Beasts in the storytime closet at the Columbus Public Library.

CSGFYA's Girl at Midnight.

FYAON's Girl in the Clockwork Collar: Flava Flav Edition?

LONFYA experiences The Grace of Kings.


FYADFW and LONFYA both discover A History of Glitter and Blood.

FYAVBC is showing how to Hold Tight, Don't Let Go.


SEAFYA recreates the cover of Trust Me, I'm Lying.

The Lady Thief -- er, Thieves of FYADFW.

ATLFYA wanders into a Lair of Dreams.


AVLFYA restages the cover of Mosquitoland.

The Rebels by Accident in ATLFYA. 

PGHFYA is Startled by His Furry Shorts.


FYAVWA's Stormdancer.

PGHFYA's Storyspinner.

FYAON's Lesh is gaming in front of a captive audience. (Guy in Real Life)

SEAFYA are Blue and the boys at the vision tree at Cabeswater. (The Raven Boys)

FYAON's Kestrel plays Bite & Sting. (The Winner's Curse)

IRL Events

CSGFYA saw Paper Towns!

LONFYA met HRH Judy Blume!

A twofer -- FYAON's photo op with Holly Black doubles as a photo hunt item!

Prize Update

As promised, there are a few more prize announcements to make! In addition to awarding the top three placing teams, the highest placing small team (our Mighty Mouse), and the winner of YA Mixology (our Potions Master), we have a prize for the highest non-placing team of the artifact hunt! (Our Seeker, natch.) 

Plus! We have updates to our existing prize packages as well. A few lucky teams will receive ARCs of this shiny new title from the author of FYABC January 2014 selection Plain Kate, Erin Bow!

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow
(courtesy of Simon & Schuster)

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Some of the teams will receive author chats to go along with their ARCs, WHAT WHAT.


Erin Bow (The Scorpion Rules), Hannah Moskowitz (A History of Glitter and Blood), and Colleen Gleason (The Chess Queen Enigma)

Major thanks to our kickass friends at Chronicle Books, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster for providing the ARC and author chat prizes! (Check out the Prizes page for full details.)

Scoreboard Update

After six weeks of fierce competition, ATLFYA has regained the lead, followed by PGHFYA and CSGFYA. In our Mighty Mouse race, LEXFYA is holding strong, but CLTFYA is within striking distance. Check the scoreboard for the full standings!

That's it for Week 6 of #YASummerShowdown 2015. See y'all back here next week!

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