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#YASummerShowdown 2015: Cocktail Edition

And the winner of YA Mixology 2015 is...

#YASummerShowdown 2015: Cocktail Edition

For the YA Mixology component of #YASummerShowdown, teams created cocktail recipes with mocktail versions to be judged by their fellow Showdown players. The complete list of cocktail recipes can be found here.

Each cocktail (or mocktail) was evaluated based on taste, creativity, and presentation, with bonus points also available at the judging teams' discretion. Twenty-two beverages entered, but only one emerged as the Showdown favourite. 

Honourable mention goes to to LEXFYA and SEAFYA, whose drinks came oh-so-close to winning it all. 


LEXFYA's Prim and Proper(ly) Poisoned Punch, and SEAFYA's Too Gay to Function

Without further ado, the winning cocktail of YA Mixology 2015 is....

FYAVBC's Superfudge
Inspired by Judy Blume's Superfudge

 ½ cup* chocolate milk

•  3 scoops* chocolate ice cream

•  1 tbsp cocoa powder

•  1 oz vodka

•  1 oz Frangelico**

Blend ingredients together until smooth and pour into glass. Optional: garnish with crushed walnuts or hazelnuts.

*or whatever proportions you need to make the milkshake as thick as you like. It was ridiculous hot when we made this and even adding a handful of ice to these proportions it was still pretty liquidy. You’ll want about 1 cup’s worth of these two ingredients total to balance out the booze.

**Substitutions for Frangelico in case you don’t want to buy a new bottle: Creme de Cacao, Chocolate Liqueur, or Kahlua. Since none of these will have the nutty flavour of Frangelico, add additional walnuts/hazelnuts prior to blending.


As above without alcohol, but blend crushed walnuts/hazelnuts directly into the drink (if not allergic).

... making FYAVBC the Showdown 2015 Potions Master! 

As previously announced, FYAVBC will receive 5 ARCs of Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith. HOLLA!

Congrats, FYAVBC! And thanks to everyone who participated in YA Mixology 2015!

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Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.