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How To Be A LadyNerd: Unicorn Edition

You know the drill—Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

How To Be A LadyNerd: Unicorn Edition

Friends, stick with me a moment while I attempt a bit of problem solving.

- Fact: Unicorns—the magical, mythical, majestic creatures that they are—are the spirit animal of FYA HQ.
- Fact: We here at FYA HQ are proud LadyNerds.
- Ergo: Unicorns are the spirit animals of LadyNerds.

My logic is infallibly sound, y’all.

Because a spirit animal is something you should be proud of, and, by nature, LadyNerds aren’t shy about sharing their passions with the world, it’s only obvious that LadyNerds need as many unicorns in their life as possible. Sadly, since none of us can have a real unicorn—yet—we have to make do with the inanimate versions. We’ve rounded up some excellent specimens with which you can start your collection, or augment one already in progress.

For the socially conscious LadyNerd

1. Buck Gender Roles T-shirt | 2. Runnin' the World and Stuff socks | 3. Trample the Patriarchy raglan

For the thirsty LadyNerd

4. Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn | 5. Celtic Goblet with White Unicorn Head | 6. Unicorn wine holder | 7. Wooden unicorn corkscrew

For the crafty LadyNerd

8. Unicorn book folding pattern | 9. Caticorn crochet pattern | 10. Rainbow unicorn cross stitch pattern | 11. Kids unicorn hoodie knit pattern

For the fashionable LadyNerd

12. The Last Unicorn T-shirt | 13. Unicorns are my Spirit Animal T-shirt | 14. Pink unicorn ring | 15. Creature Presentation unicorn flats | 16. Unicorn scarf | 17. Unicorn cameo pin | 18. Laser-cut unicorn necklaces | 19. Bewitching unicorns dress

For the design-inclined LadyNerd

20. The Bayer unicorn head mount | 21. Unicorn Puke soy candle | 22. Unicorn air plant planter | 23. Galaxy unicorn print | 24. Unicorn bookends | 25. Last Unicorn quote print

For the ballsy LadyNerd

26. Want Some? Angry unicorn pin | 27. Unicorn skull mask | 28. Majestic as F**k T-shirt | 29. Light-up unicorn hood

Of course, no LadyNerd collection would be complete without an official FYA Drunk Unicorn shirt. Or scarf. Or laptop sleeve. Or …

You can get yours in the FYA Store!

And be sure to check out our Pinterest boards—particularly the UNICORNS one—for other great unicorn things!

Mandy Curtis's photo About the Author: Mandy is a small town girl living in a nerdy world, or—if you want to get literal—an editor/writer living in Austin, TX. In addition to yearning for YA books—the more dystopian or fantastical, the better—she can also be found swooning over superheroes, dreaming of The Doctor and grinning at GIFs.