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A Highly Scientific Analysis Of THE 5TH WAVE Trailer

If this trailer is any indication, The 5th Wave is going to melt our faces with awesome. (And Evan Walker is gonna melt our panties with hotness.)

A Highly Scientific Analysis Of THE 5TH WAVE Trailer

If you've read any of my scholarly tomes on the subject, then you already know that I've basically earned a PhD in Swimfandom for The 5th Wave trilogy. And ever since they announced the film adaptation of the first novel, I have been, to use a scientific term, FREAKING THE EFF OUT.

Now that we finally have a trailer to study, my excitement has reached MAXIMUM LEVELS. Because y'all, this movie looks mothercussing awesome.

Join me in the FYA Lab for some analysis! (But before you come in, note the Spoiler Warning posted on the door. If you haven't read the first book yet, do not enter!)

First, we must examine our subject as a whole:


Now, let's get down to some scientific business!

GAH I love that the trailer starts with this scene. So iconic, so creepy, so very very 5th Wave-ey.

Chloë Grace Moretz, tough yet fearful, looks exactly like my image of Cassie. Which makes sense, given that I cast her in my review. BOO-YA.

Hey, Cassie's family! Half of you are gonna die.

Looks like the movie will spend more time on the pre-Fifth Wave happenings than the book did. Which is totally okay with me because LOOK AT THAT SHIP.

Oh, Ron Livngston, I fear that I will get waaaay too attached to you.

I am totally digging the disaster movie vibe of this thing. It's like a cross between Independence Day and a YA novel.

Liev Schreiber's character (Colonel Vosch) seems so noble and courageous! Well played, trailer.

WHATTUP ZOMBIE. I'm a big fan of Nick Robinson but I assumed he would have, well, bulked up more for this role. Still, I'm sure he can pull it off.


I'm guessing this is Ringer? She's either wearing a high-tech military device or a plush sleeping mask.


Evan Walker, thanks for bringing sexy back. Now, just turn around and we'll be all set.


Seriously, this is some Roland Emmerich shizz. And I am INTO IT.

Oh, hey, here's the last scene in the movie! (I assume.)

So, what say you, fellow scientists? Did this trailer fill you with excitement for a kickass movie, or did it fill you with fear that the book will be mangled?

I'm curious about the changes they've made, because the trailer makes it seem like Cassie and Zombie team up earlier in the film than they did in the book. Did anyone else get that impression?

Also, how much do you wanna hug Sammy? SO MUCH.

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