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Throne Of Glass: Casting Call

Sarah J. Maas’ epic (and epic-ly swoony) series is heading to the small screen!

Throne Of Glass: Casting Call

BIG news, YA fantasy fans:



Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series is filled to the brim with badass ladies, thrilling adventures, and stalwart (and frequently swoonworthy) companions. Because of this, the series, which will eventually be six books and a handful of short stories, has garnered a huge fan base—myself included. And, as a fan, I’m SUPER EXCITED about the possibility of seeing Celaena, Chaol, Dorian and all their friends and enemies (and frenemies) on my TV screen …

But I’m also TERRIFIED that Hollywood will screw everything up. Because we all know that they’ve done it to other things we love a time or two*.

*Or two hundred.

Sadly, we have no control over the eventual outcome, but we can keep our hopes up—and have a little fun while discussing our dream cast for the show!


Deadly assassin Celaena Sardothian is 18, with golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes lined with a brilliant ring of gold, beautiful features and a muscular, yet curvy, figure.

Eliza Taylor

We all know she’s a total badass, and is gorgeous while being one. Plus, I want to see The 100 actors in all the things. (On breaks from the many, many seasons The 100 will have, of course. The two shows will just have to have opposite seasons.)

Jemima West

We know from seeing her in City of Bones that she can pull off action scenes, and she totally deserves a chance to be in a good YA adaptation. #sorrynotsorry

Teresa Palmer

Blonde hair? Check. Blue eyes? Check. Assassin skills? I’d give her a chance to prove it.


Captain of the Guard Chaol Westfall is 22, tall, and has short, auburn hair and brown eyes.

Stefano Masciolini

Google doesn’t quite understand that “auburn” doesn’t equal “ginger,” but I’m glad at the moment, because its mistake led me to Stefano, who looks like he could totally pull off Chaol’s abrasive yet caring nature.

Chris Hemsworth

I mean, he’s Thor … so we know quite well he could pull off all that training and captaining.

Jamie Dornan

Let’s forget for a moment that he’s in that one movie and instead think of his time on Once Upon a Time and his proven ability to pull off laced-up leather shirts.


Crown Prince of Adarlan Dorian Havilliard is 20, tall and lean, with black hair and bright blue eyes.

Joshua Anthony Brand

He’s a model and not an actor—not like that’s stopped people in the past!—but the guy totally has the right coloring and certainly looks princely.

Colton Haynes

His hair isn’t quite black, but that’s what dye is for. And that jaw, amirite?

Matt Dallas

He might be a little too old for the role, and maybe a little too built, but I can totally picture him pulling off Dorian’s tortured demeanor with those adorable puppy dog eyes.

How do you feel about these picks? Do you want to offer up any other contenders? (Or add your ideas for other characters from the series?) Leave your casting suggestions (with images, pretty please!) in the comments!

P.S.—No, we’ve never reviewed any of the Throne of Glass books on the site. Yes, we are going to rectify that situation soon.

Descriptions adapted from the Throne of Glass Wikia.

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