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Scream Queens 1x1&2: Pilot + Hell Week

The hardest thing* about watching Scream Queens is figuring out whether or not you actually like it.

*Besides Ariana Grande, obviously.

Scream Queens 1x1&2: Pilot + Hell Week

So, I watched Scream Queens last night, and I have a lot of questions. Like, who's the killer? And why is Nick Jonas so hot?

But the biggest question I have is: do I like this show?

Honestly, I have no idea. I put off writing this recap because I kept hoping my opinion would form, and yet here we are, hours later, and I still don't know. Maybe by the time I'm done with this post, I'll figure it out? I'm also VERY interested to know what y'all thought, so make sure you hit me up in the comments.

Here's what I liked:

The Fashion

The wardrobe for this show is ON FLEEK. If I end up recapping Scream Queens, I'll definitely be including a category for Best Outfit, which, in the case of this episode, would go to Chanel's Rush Party dress (pictured above). But do me a favor, costume designer-- please don't make Skyler Samuels (Grace) wear a newsie cap again.

The Soundtrack

Sure, the choices are obvious, but that doesn't mean they're not excellent jams. While that TLC "Waterfalls" moment was great, best song of the night definitely goes to T'Pau's "Heart and Soul." Girlfriend's name is weird, but T'Pau treally knew a thing or two about writing a pop masterpiece.

Nick Jonas

I mean, that gratuitous weight-lifting scene? HUMINAH.

Some of the Humor

There were certain lines that really nailed it, like Nasim Pedrad (Gigi) on the upcoming festivities: "We have a sideboob mixer followed by a white party where everyone is encouraged to wear/be white." And Chanel #3's dry delivery of, "Don't look too excited, it's not diet," as she passed out the champers. 

The whole '90s death sequence at the beginning was awesome, and that candle vlogger segment was hysterically true to life.

I even laughed at Deaf Taylor Swift, which I realize means that I'm going straight to hell.

Now here's what I didn't like:

Some of the Humor

Man, between the clichés and the waaaay too obvious attempts to replicate Heathers, I spent much of the show cringing and, in some cases, actually said out loud, "JUST STOP." The whole "Predatory Lez" thing reminded me of my main beef with Pitch Perfect, i.e. its portrayal of the lesbian character, and even as I was laughing over Deaf Taylor Swift, I knew it was a cheap shot. I'm honestly not sure I can handle another scene with Lea Michele in that neck brace.

Then there's that texting scene between Ariana Grande and the Devil - NOPE.

Most of the Cast

Sorry, Emma Roberts, but you are no Kim Walker. Roberts really has to carry this show and, based on these two episodes, she doesn't quite have the chops.

Abigail Breslin is fine, and Skyler Samuels is always adorable, but Jamie Lee Curtis is wasted in this role, especially when she's hitting on Oliver Hudson who, I'm sorry, I can only see as a sleazy record exec from Nashville. And don't even get me started on Ariana Grande because:

I am super glad, though, that Nasim Pedrad got another gig after Mulaney was (rightfully) canceled.

The Flimsy Plot

I get that this isn't trying to be, like True Detective or something, but the writers aren't giving us much story here, let alone a story we can care about. One of the things I love about Scream is that you actively, desperately want Neve Campbell to survive, and so far, there's no one on this show worth rooting for.

So, will I keep watching this show? For now, yes. But should I recap it for the site? That's where I need y'all to chime in.

Just let me grab my fashion-forward earmuffs and I'll meet you in the comments.

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