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YA Movie News Roundup: A Great Lauren Graham News Bonanza!

Plus FAMOUS IN LOVE gets a pilot order, OBSIDIAN hits the big screen and more!

YA Movie News Roundup: A Great Lauren Graham News Bonanza!

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup, where Lauren Graham is having a REALLY GOOD WEEK, and so are we. Let's hop to.

SO. Okay. I'm trying to calm down here. All right. Whew. Here we go: there will be a Gilmore Girls reunion on Netflix, consisting of four ninety-minute movies AND THE PALLADINOS ARE MAKING THEM OMG. Okay, sorry. I lost my composure a bit at the end there. So, I wrote a bunch about the reunion here, and Jennie wrote about it here. Planning to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the first time to be ready for the reunion? You should follow along with my FYA Rewatch Project!

Also, OMG. Okay. Before the reunion was announced, I was sure this would be the most exciting news we heard yesterday: Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are producing an adaptation of The Royal We, and Graham is writing and Whitman is probably starring! GAHHH. I wrote about it here, and Posh wrote about it here.

ALSO. This one isn't about Lauren Graham but is still hella exciting: ABC Family/Freeform's Famous in Love adaptation has an official pilot order.

Oh yeah! Something something Star Wars.

Author and screenwriter Ava Dellaria is set to adapt Jennifer L. Armentrout's Obsidian for Sierra Pictures.

In Obsidian, bookish Katy Swartz moves with her mother to small-town West Virginia, resigning herself to thick accents and a boring life. She is hopeful after meeting her neighbors who are a shot of life, and the brother and sister tandem becomes even more interesting when it turns out they are aliens. When she falls for the brother and he touches her, it marks her as a homing device for an army of extraterrestrial bad guys.

Katharine McGee’s yet-to-be-released The Thousandth Floor is in the works to be adapted by Witches of East End's Maggie Friedman and ever-present and totally excellent producer Greg Berlanti (The FlashArrowEverwood, so much else) for ABC.

Disney's Descendants is getting a sequel.

R.L. Stine gave an interview about the Goosebumps movie.

Jennifer Lawrence rules.

That's it for this week! Give us your AMAZING LAUREN GRAHAM NEWS thoughts downstairs!

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