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Procrastination Pro-Tips: An Embarrassment of YA Adaptation Riches

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: An Embarrassment of YA Adaptation Riches

Happy Friday, Happy Halloween, and Happy 2-Days-Till-NaNoWriMo-Begins!


Book Related Things

Maggie Stiefvater has been drawing gorgeous versions of Blue and Gansey. THEIR SAD WISTFUL EYES, DEAR GOD.

Jay Ashler's 13 Reasons Why will be adapted!

And so will Becky Abertalli's Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda!

The Kansas City and Toronto libraries were waging a delightful Twitter war using book spine poetry.

Tom Hiddleston explaining gothic literature.

Speaking of, a day in the life of a brooding romantic hero.

Has the word "diversity" lost its meaning?

2016 YA preview!

Sirius Black/Dracula is writing a (non-YA) book.

Every time science fiction became science fact.


Movie Related Things

A lot of casting news for Before I Fall.

Why JEM flopping is a tragedy.

These grandparents did the piano duet from Up.

Elizabeth Banks will be back for Pitch Perfect 3.


TV Related Things

Supergirl is a feminist.

Vulture is hosting a High School TV Showdown (seems familiar!).

This article about what happened to actors when they left TV shows is really great, though.

And here's how your favorite teen TV characters lost their virginity.

Sherlock is hitting the theaters.

ICYMI, each new episode of the Gilmore Girls will take place during a different season of the year.

Dena Kaplan (Abigail from Dance Academy) will be in Honey 3.

Some of the best (original) JEM fan art ever.

Bryan Fuller will tell Amazing Stories on NBC.


Miscellaneous Things


Some helpful Halloween candy + beer pairings.

Have you met America's new boyfriend, Hot Tom from Jeopardy!?

This random stuff from Drunk Mall looks like it belongs in our homes.


That's it for this week! Stick around this afternoon for our first open thread ever.

Bonus: here is the most hypnotic gif I've ever seen. Try getting some work done now.

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