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Open Thread: November 6-8

We'll have some coffee and we'll talk.

Open Thread: November 6-8

We made it to the end of another Friday, my friends, and that can only mean one thing: open thread! Thanks to everyone who popped up last week to chat.

Same concept this weekend: chat about whatever you want (and feel free to pop in throughout the weekend, because you never know who's around!). 

If you need a topic, let's talk advice columns -- the only thing better than advice columns and their comments is talking about advice columns (and their commenters). Obviously we have all the answers, and if the letter writers would just listen...

Who is your favorite? I love Carolyn Hax, especially her Holiday Hootenanny, but I occasionally still read Dear Prudence. Have you/would you ever write into an advice column? What's the most epic letter you've ever seen? 

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